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New Year, com'st thou as friend or foe ?
"Nay, I know not;  but this I know,
Thou must wrestle a fall with me,
And I or thou must conqueror be !"

..............' Good Cheer '


[ From "Storm Warriors" by t



We deeply regret to record the death, from fever, of the Rev.  J. Clifton
WARD, F. G. S., Vicar of Rydal.

For some years he was the head of the local Geological Survey,  in which
capacity he completed the i

Joseph ISMAY, Thomas COVERLEY, Jonathan POOL and John ISMAY, four men  
residing at Camerton, were charged with having stolen a duck, the property of  
Wilfrid HARRIS, miner of Camerton, on Friday night last.

There was a second charge against the prison...
At the resumed Miner’s Conference at Manchester on Saturday, the  question of
restricting the output of coal was considered. What conclusion was  arrived
at it is not deemed prudent to state, but a National Conference is to be  held
in Leeds on the 5th ...
Professor TYNDALL’s words in unveiling the statue of Carlyle will  contribute
to a national object, the extrication of CARLYLE’s memory from the  rubbish
heaps of a barren and hateful controversy.

 “The cloud passes away, and the mountain in its solid g...
Shortly after 4 o’clock on Wednesday morning, the fire brigade received  
information of a fire in Charlton Street, Somers Town, London.

Engines from St. Pancras, Holborn, Clerkenwell, and other station promptly  
attended. The fire proved to be at t...

FIRE. - A fire occurred in Berkley Court, Duke Street in this town on Sunday
evening, July 11, which at one time threatened an extensive destruction to
surrounding buildings. The fire originated in a foul chimney, and was with great
difficulty pr...

Remarked Brother Gardner of the Limekiln Club, “I fur one, hev been pained  
to observe a growin’ desire on de part o’ cull’d folkes to knock deir chill’
en  down wid silver-plated front names. Up in my block ebery cabin hez a

THE CUMBERLAND PACQUET and Ware's Whitehaven Advertiser,                                 Tuesday,April 22, 1777

No. 132    3d. Week    VOL. III    4th Quarter     Price Three-pence

Where Moderation dwells, the Soul admits Distinct Ideas, and Matur'd De...
THE ELECTION OF O'DONOVAN ROSSA.   --   At the declaration of the poll for Tipperary county, on Saturday, the sheriff's announcement of the return of O'DONOVAN ROSSA was followed by a display of great enthusiasm.  Neither MR. HERON nor any of his sup...