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Short Local News Articles




   Mr. Joseph ABBOTT, a member of a well known  Lakeland farming family, and
who for many years was a sheep farmer in Australia,  was missing from his
lodgings in Keswick from Monday night, and the police were  dragging the lake
yesterday. They found his cap floating in the lake near the  boatlandings. He was
a bachelor and about 70 years of age. He had been living  retired in Keswick
for some years. He was a well known member of the  Conservative Club.



Mr. NICHOL Withdraws.

   There will be no polling in the North Ward on April  4th owing to the
withdrawal of Mr. Richard John NICHOL as a candidate. Messrs.  D. McHENRY and G.
TOLSON are therefore returned unopposed.



   The Rev. Hugh WILLIAMSON, superintendent minister  of the Penrith
Wesleyan Circuit is leaving in September for Widnes, in  Lancashire, and his place
will be taken by the Rev. G. H. Bancroft JUDGE,  Whitehaven.

   This was made known at the quarterly meeting of the  Penrith Circuit,
held at Wordsworth Street, Penrith. At the same meeting it was  decided to ask
the Rev. J. B. LEE, junior minister, to remain in the circuit for  a third year.



   The death of Mr. Wm. TATE took place at Aspatria in  the early hours of
Sunday morning. Deceased, who was about 71 years of age, was  a widower and
retired from business a few months ago. For nearly half a century  he carried on
a very successful clog-making and repairing business in  Queen-street, and at
one time travelled a wide area and attended several  neighbouring market
towns. He was a member and regular worshipper at the Church  of Christ, Richmond
Hill, Aspatria, and also a member of the Brayton Tent I. O.  Rechabites. In
politics he was a staunch Liberal.

Whitehaven Grocer's Death


   The death occurred on Sunday at 22, Highland View,  Bransty, Whitehaven,
of Mr. Robert LITHGOW, who carried on business as a grocer  in James Street.
Mr. LITHGOW, who was 48 years of age, had been ill for  sometime. A native of
Frizington, he served his apprenticeship as  a grocer  with an uncle in
Manchester, and for 18 years was manager for Mrs. H. KENNEDY,  Queen Street,
Whitehaven. Three years ago he took over the grocery and bakery  business of the late
Mr. W. CLARK in James Street. A man of quiet disposition he  took no part in
public affairs, but he was very actively associated with the  Sandhills Lane
Mission. A local preacher, he frequently conducted the service  there and at the
Colliery Mission. As a preacher he was known further afield,  especially at
Egremont, Frizington, and Moss Bay. He also did valiant work as a  Sunday
School teacher and usually took charge of the youngest children.

   About ten years ago he inaugurated at Sandhills  Lane Mission a Wednesday
evening class for children, which has developed  into  a very successful
class indeed, the number at present attending  frequently approached 300. The
development of this calss was especially due to  Mr. LITHGOW's great ability in
interesting children in Biblical matters, and the  attendance was representative
of all creeds.

   He leaves a widow, two sons and a daughter.

Egremont Wesleyan Guild


   On Sunday the anniversary services were held, the  Rev. W. WALTON being
the preacher. His subject in the morning was "The Ships  that Never Land," and
in the evening "The vision of need."  The soloists  were Miss. H. WILSON and
Miss. I. FAWCETT, and the organist was Mr. W. J.  GOODE.

   The Guides, Scouts and Rovers attended the morning  service, and helped
to form a fine congregation of young people. The afternoon  service was mostly
by children, recitations being given by:

Margaret LONG







Mary BYRNES. while:

Margaret LONG





Margaret CALLOW sang.

   The Rev. W. WALTON gave a fine children's address.  Miss. H. WILSON was
the pianist, and Miss. WEAR presided.

   On Monday a lecture, "Stories about Lax of Poplar,"  was given by the
Rev. W. WALTON, and Miss. E. P. MANDALE, of Workington  presided. The soloist was
Mr. B. MORGAN, of Workington, and Mr. GOODE was the  organist. Supper was
served to a large number in the Schoolroom. The proceeds of  the festival were
allocated to the Church Trust Fund.

Sweep Winner's Bereavement


   Mrs. Mary Jane BAXTER, of Wood Street, Maryport,  widow of Mr. William
BAXTER, a master mariner, who died in 1911, and mother of  Mrs. E. HUMPHREYS, of
the Butcher's Arms, Maryport, who won a consolation prize  in the Irish Sweep
last week, passed away on Saturday, after less than a week's  illness, the
first serious illness of her life. She had caught a chill on the  previous
Sunday when she visited her husband's grave, and pneumonia  supervened.

   Although so seriously ill and in great pain, she  took a lively interest
in the Sweep and was delighted at her daughter's  success.

   She was a native of Maryport and the only sister of  the late Mr. Edward
BELL, who has been employed all his life by Lord LONSDALE  and at his death
occupied an important position in the Estate Management. She  had brought up a
family of twelve, all except one, who perished in the Zeebrugge  attack, still
surviving. Four sons, like their father, follow the sea and the  eldest
succeeded his father as a Solway pilot.

   She was 71 years of age, proud of her vigorous  health and her head of
jet black hair unstreaked with grey, but her freedom from  ailments
unfortunately led her to neglect precautions against chills. She was  highly esteemed, and
much sympathy is felt for her family.

Dangerous Maniac Loose



   Stated to be a native of Workington, Irving PARKER,  a dangerous maniac,
has escaped from the Menston Mental Institution, near   Ilkley, and an
extensive search has been commenced by the West Riding and  Bradford City Police.

   The roads leading to the Institution are usually  busy with motor and
pedestrian traffic, and as the man disappeared suddenly and  all efforts to find
him have up to the time of writing, failed, it is suggested  that he avoided
the roads and is wandering about somewhere on the lonely moors.  He is
described as being a dangerous maniac, and much concern is felt by the  asylum
authorities, as he may do some harm while he is at large.

   When he escaped he was wearing a dark tweed suit  and a pair of light
slippers with buckles. He is described as being 5ft 9 in. in  height, with very
dark hair. He is 29 years of age.



   It is reported that John FOSTER, aged 35, a single  man, of 1, Ladypit
Terrace, Whitehaven has been missing from his lodgings since  Saturday, and it
is thought that he may be suffering from loss of memory. FOSTER  is a native of
Cork and speaks with a strong Irish brogue. The official  description of the
man is :-

   Height 5 ft. 5 in., slender build; sandy hair;  fresh complexion, clean
shaven, blue eyes, dressed in navy blue suit, light  coloured cap, overcoat,
black shoes, collar and tie.