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A Dundee telegram says that the later details add considerably to the  loss
of life by the storm of Wednesday, two other boats being reported lost,  
bringing the total loss of life up to 19. Another telegram says that no hope is  now
entertained of



WORKINGTON STAR, July 6, 1888 / pg. 4 / News Items






Nothing has been done to abate the beck nuisance notwithstanding this matter engaged the attention of the Local Board some time ago.  It r



WORKINGTON STAR, July 6, 1888, pg. 4 / Sermon by REV. J. HODGSON on the Burned Parish Church.


The sermon below was delivered last Sunday morning in St. Michael's Parish Room by the REV. J. HODGSON, one of the curates in charge.  We need make n

 There was a wild screech by “two Conservatives in the November number  of
the Fortnightly Review on the subject to the Tory leadership.

 Both the writers complain that the chiefs of the party have no means  of
gauging public opinion successfully and on...
(Before H. FLETCHER, Esq., Chairman, and  R. S. THOMPSON, Esq.)


Two lads, named Isaac GORTON and George DOUGLAS, one about  eight and the
other about ten years of age, were charged with having stolen  coals from the
works of the ...

After a long interregnum, the members of the Penrith Farmers' Club met on Tuesday in their room to hear a lecture by MR. LANCASTER, of Catterlen Hall, on "Our Farming Prospects".  MR. W. HESKETT presided, and there was a fair attendance of members. 

Cumberland Ship Building

       Mr. LAMPORT, the eminent ship-builder of Workington, is now about
engaging to build two splendid vessels at his yard in that town, one of 1,200
tons, and the other 1,000 tons burden. Messers PEILE, SCOTT & Co., of t...


The case of NUTTALL v. WILDES was tried at the Liverpool Assizes.  The
plaintiff was the daughter of the late MR. NUTTALL, a merchant and
shipowner, who resided at The Laurels, Claughton, near Birkenhead, and who
died in January, leavin

THE late MR. JOHN TOWERS' Black Oils and other prescriptions may be had by applying to MR. THOMAS GASS, Auctioneer, Dolpin Inn, Kendal, Sole Agent for Westmorland.
Mr. Craig SELLAR, M. P., writing to his constituents at Jedburgh,  states
that the great measure of next session will, in all probability, be a  Local
Government Bill of a comprehensive character, for which there is more  necessity
in England than in Sc...

Mr. J. W. TALLENTIRE, Harrington.

   Mr. J. W. TALLENTIRE, a joiner at the local  ironworks and a well known
football official died suddenly at his home 2, Rose  Hill, Harrington on
Saturday. He was in his 62nd year.

   On Saturday morning, Mr. TALLENTIRE left home to  follow his occupation
as a joiner. He returned home at eleven o'clock, however,  and said he was not
feeling so well. He went to bed and about 1-30 his daughter,  who was going
away to Keswick, went upstairs to see him and he then said he was  a lot better
and would be at work on Monday morning. His wife went to the town  to see his
daughter off, and when she returned home about 2 p.m. she found her  husband
unconscious. Dr. CULLEN was called in but Mr. TALLENTIRE had passed  away.

   The matter was reported to the Coroner but an  inquest was not deemed
necessary. It is understood that heart failure was the  cause of death. Mr.
TALLENTIRE leaves a widow and a son and daughter. He  belonged to an old Harrington
family. For many years he was employed by the late  Mr. Hodgson SIMON, joiner
and undertaker, whose business is still carried on by  the eldest son, Mr.
Harry SIMON. He was the respected member of the  Egremont  and Whitehaven
Football League Management Committee, being  elected season after season and his
position will be difficult to fill. Mr.  TALLENTIRE took a keen interest in the
Harrington Y. M. C. A., and was secretary  of the Harrington Lodge of the