An appalling accident to a Pullman car was reported on Monday.  While the
Scotch Express which left St. Pancras at 9-15 on Saturday evening was  traveling
towards Leeds, the conductor whose name is  DONALDSON, of one of  th...
CARTERS. - Wanted, Carters; constant work and good wages, at  Hotchberry
Quarries, Brigham.

-Apply to the Manager at the Works.


WANTED, at Term, by a middle aged person, a situation as Working  Housekeeper
to a lady or gentleman.

-Apply, M. M., ...
The coroner on Friday held an inquest at Guy’s Hospital upon the body  of
Mrs. Charolette BELL, aged 44 of 9 Fernlee road, Camberwell, who committed  

The deceased had given way to habits of intemperance, and had pledged  almost
every thing ...

SENHOUSE. - On the 7th October, 1882, at Hames Hall,  Cockermouth, the wife
of Humphrey P. SENHOUSE, of a son.



M’CULLOCK - SHEEN. - On the 28th October 1882, At St.  Patrick’s Chapel,
Maryport, by the Rev. J. A. WATMORE,...

The Guardians of the West Ward Union held their fortnightly meeting at Eamont Bridge Workhouse on Wednesday afternoon.  In the absence of MR. JAMES ATKINSON (the chairman), MR. JAMESON was called upon to preside.  The ex officio memb




FOR the CURE of the SCURVY,  ITCH,  Pimpled Faces,  Scald Heads, Films in Children,  Rheumaic Pains, all cutaneous Eruptions (by smelling only) it is also of the utmost service to the Female Sex, either comin...

On Saturday last, the Primitive Methodist anniversary was held at Kaber, when about one hundred and fifty sat down to an excellent tea.
THE REV. W. SHIPLEY, of Kirkby Stephen, afterwards addressed the meeting in an interesting manner.


There was a social gathering at the above-named village on the 8th inst., of a very pleasing character  -  the occasion of MR. ROBERT SISSON attaining his majority, and being freed from the bonds of his apprenticeship, which, we may add, he h

WANTED a HOUSE from 15 to 20 pounds per annum, with Garden in front.
Apply to MRS. TUER, Allhallows Lane.
WANTED on liberal terms, active working men as Agents and Collectors for Ambleside, Stavele...




MR. BRIGHT is improving slowly.  He sits up for two hours and a half each day.



The record of admissions on Saturday was  11, 05S.  The total since the opening is 1,520,853.




    "Playing With The Case."

   Arrested on a warrant for arrears under an  affiliation order, Frank
McDONALD (33), of 60, Yeathouse Road, Frizington, was  committed to prison for one
month by the Whitehaven Justices on Monday.

   Complainant, Abigail McCOURT, of 57, Yeathouse  Road, said defendant paid
nothing since the order was made, and now owed her £7  1s 9d.

   McDONALD, who failed to appear last week, told Mr.  H. BRAITHWAITE (for
complainant) that he really meant to keep his promise to  pay, but the girl's
mother had insulted his sister, and until they learned to be  different towards
his family he would be a bit different, too.

   Mr. BRATITHWAITE: You have made up your mind you  won't pay, is that it?
- No. I'll apply to the Labour Exchange for the child's  money this week.

   The Chairman (Mr. R. JEFFERSON): You are playing  with the case, and we
are not going to have your excuses any longer, on this  amount, at any rate.
You will go to prison for a month.