At the Chester Assizes on Saturday, Samuel Little FORD, foreman at a  
Stockport Colliery, was charged with the manslaughter of Samuel POTT a  miner.

On October 2nd the prsioner was in charge of a firing party, when a shot  
missed fire, and...

The case of SHEWARD v. Lord LONSDALE (the horse dealing case), it is  said,
has been struck out of the cause list.



The Earl of Bective, M. P., Provincial Grand Superintendent, has summoned  
the Provincial Grand Chapter of Cum...

MAXWELL-BAIRD - At 20, Belhaven Terrace, Glasgow, on the 20th April  1880, by
the Rev. R. ARMSTRONG, M. A., of St. Matthew’s Parish, and the Rev.  John
DOWNES, of East Kilbride Parish, Sir William MAXWELL, Baronet, of  Calderwood,
We have the best authority for stating that a paragraph which has  been going
the round of the local papers in reference to the Maryport Hematite  Iron
Company, is totally incorrect.


 No reply has yet been received...
Another week has elapsed without the appeal of the Corporation of  Carlisle
being heard against the decision of Mr. Baron POLLOCK with respect to  the
question whether the London and North-Western Railway Company are exempt by  the
terms of their Act...
CAPE TOWN, March 30, via Plymouth.

The Select Committee of the Transvaal Legislative Council, to whom the  
Native Hut Tax Bill was referred for report, have recommended that the tax  should
be increased from 10s, as originally proposed, to 20s, and ...

       The nomination of two candidates to represent the western division of
this county took place at Cockermoputh on Tuesday, the 13th July. There being
no opposition to the election of Captain LOWTHER and Mr. IRTON, of IRTON Hall,
the proceedi

There is a certain man in this town whom I am going to lick  until he won’t
be out of bed for six months after, and I wasn’t to know what it  will cost

 So said a man who entered a Griswold - street law office yesterday,  and it
was plain to be seen...
To the Editor of the Maryport Advertiser.

Sir, - Now that the donning of the Blue Ribbon is recognized all over  the
country as a great power in promoting sobriety and crushing out the curse of  
drunkenness, it behoves all who profess its principles to...

A satisfactory terminationof the TICHBORNE trial.

The defeat of the impudent attempt of Metropolitan monopolists to raise the
price of gas.

An efficient means of preventing unprotected females from being violated by
extortionate cabmen.

Less talk and mo


    "Playing With The Case."

   Arrested on a warrant for arrears under an  affiliation order, Frank
McDONALD (33), of 60, Yeathouse Road, Frizington, was  committed to prison for one
month by the Whitehaven Justices on Monday.

   Complainant, Abigail McCOURT, of 57, Yeathouse  Road, said defendant paid
nothing since the order was made, and now owed her £7  1s 9d.

   McDONALD, who failed to appear last week, told Mr.  H. BRAITHWAITE (for
complainant) that he really meant to keep his promise to  pay, but the girl's
mother had insulted his sister, and until they learned to be  different towards
his family he would be a bit different, too.

   Mr. BRATITHWAITE: You have made up your mind you  won't pay, is that it?
- No. I'll apply to the Labour Exchange for the child's  money this week.

   The Chairman (Mr. R. JEFFERSON): You are playing  with the case, and we
are not going to have your excuses any longer, on this  amount, at any rate.
You will go to prison for a month.