Pre-Payment of Letters-Important Notice.
General Post Office, July.

       On and from the 1st August next, all letters and packets for places
within the Unitd Kingdom, posted at any branch post office or receiving-office
in London, or within the ...


The chairmen of the various railway companies continue to reply to the
circular recently sent to them by the President of the Board of Trade.
There is a certain similarity in the tone and argumentation of all the
replies.  I


On Saturday last, the Primitive Methodist anniversary was held at Kaber, when about one hundred and fifty sat down to an excellent tea.
THE REV. W. SHIPLEY, of Kirkby Stephen, afterwards addressed the meeting in an interesting manner.

On Friday night last, Miss. INMAN, of Burgh, who has been  conducting
services in the Primitive Methodist Chapel for the last fortnight,  brought her
mission to a close. A tea meeting was held, when the tables were  presided over by:


Mrs. ...


MUSGRAVE - At Duke Street, Penrith, on the 24th ult., MARY MUSGRAVE, aged 28

FALLOWFIELD - At 17, Middlegate, Penrith, on the 24th ult., the infant

SPEDDING - In Burrowgate, Penrith, on the 24th ult.,

Professor TYNDALL’s words in unveiling the statue of Carlyle will  contribute
to a national object, the extrication of CARLYLE’s memory from the  rubbish
heaps of a barren and hateful controversy.

 “The cloud passes away, and the mountain in its solid g...

On Monday morning, CHARLES DAWSON,  EDWARD GOUGH,  and  WILLIAM THOMPSON, the three men who had been confined in Durham Gaol under sentence of death, were executed inside the prison in the presence of MR. RICHARD BOWSER, the under-sheriff, and his of

KENDAL FORTNIGHTLY FAIR. - At Monday's market there was a very poor stock, and purchasers met with a great disappointment having to go away without buying.  Calving cows were scarce and dear.  Prices: Best beef, 7-1/2d to 7-3...
DESSERT FRUITS. - A fine choice selection of Muscatel Raisins, French  Plums,
Figs, Grapes, American Apples.

-W. BAINES, Scotch Street.


GRATES, &c., Register Grates, Kitchen Ranges, Ovens, Boilers,  Skylights,
Iron Spouting, all sizes....

SUDDEN DEATH AT EGREMONT - On Sunday evening a rather sudden death occurred at
Egremont. A woman named SAVAGE, aged 56, was out in the afternoon, and about half-pat six
 was suddenly attacked by paralysis, and never rallied, death resulting about...

    "Playing With The Case."

   Arrested on a warrant for arrears under an  affiliation order, Frank
McDONALD (33), of 60, Yeathouse Road, Frizington, was  committed to prison for one
month by the Whitehaven Justices on Monday.

   Complainant, Abigail McCOURT, of 57, Yeathouse  Road, said defendant paid
nothing since the order was made, and now owed her £7  1s 9d.

   McDONALD, who failed to appear last week, told Mr.  H. BRAITHWAITE (for
complainant) that he really meant to keep his promise to  pay, but the girl's
mother had insulted his sister, and until they learned to be  different towards
his family he would be a bit different, too.

   Mr. BRATITHWAITE: You have made up your mind you  won't pay, is that it?
- No. I'll apply to the Labour Exchange for the child's  money this week.

   The Chairman (Mr. R. JEFFERSON): You are playing  with the case, and we
are not going to have your excuses any longer, on this  amount, at any rate.
You will go to prison for a month.