FRUIT GARDEN. - Dessert Fruits in Season:

Apples - Adam's pearmain, golden pippin, Blenheim orange, king of pippins.
Grapes:  alicante, black prince, Lady Downes, muscat of Alexandria.
Pears:  Beurre d' Aremberg, Easter beurre, glou  morceau.

Fruit trees will soon be on the move, and every delay now in planting and pruning will be injurious.  Let any arrears of this work take precedence as early as possible;  but as the latter part of January is one of the most uncertain times of the whole year, the planter must be cautious, and avoid taking up more trees or making larger purchases than he can deal with quickly and completely, for in the midst of the work, may come hard frost, a
deluge of rain, or long-continued snow.

Better let the trees lay in by the heels a few weeks than plant them, unless the ground is really in a proper condition.