BROCKLEBANK. - At Ivy Bank, Lowther Street, Penrith, on the 8th inst, the
wife of J. BROCKLEBANK, of a son.

GASGARTH.- At Wesley Bank Cottage, near Bolton, on the 2nd inst, the wife of
Wm. GASGARTH, of a daughter.

GRIFFITHS.- In Graham Street, Penrith, on the 11th inst, the wife of
Mr.GRIFFITHS, of a daughter.

POTTER.- At Thornaby Road, South Stockton, on the 6th inst, the wife of
James POTTER, ticket collector, and late porter at Ravenstonedale Station,
of a daughter.

WALTON.- At Appleby on the 5th inst, the wife of C. WALTON, of a daughter.

WEBSTER.- At Hackthorpe House on the 8th inst, the wife of Ernest A.WEBSTER,
of a daughter.


WILSON-EDMUNDSON.- On the 11th inst, at Orton Parish Church, by the Rev. E.
HOLME, George WILSON to Francis Jane EDMUNDSON, both of Orton.

BYERS-DOBBIN.- At St. Lawrence Church, Morland, on the 9th inst, by the Rev.
J. KNIGHT, vicar, Isaac BYERS, farmer, Whitestone, Sleagill, to Jane DOBBIN,
Highfield, Morland.

BUCKLE-WHARTON.  At St. Lawrence Church, Morland, on the 4th inst, by the
Rev. J. KNIGHT, vicar, Matthew BUCKLE, Highfield, Morland, to Jane Wharton,

SCOTT-HALL.- At the Congregational Church, Penrith, on the 9th inst, by the
Rev. R. JACKSON, John Wesley SCOTT, of Penrith, drapers assistant, to Hannah
HALL, of Brougham Street, Penrith.

TAYLOR-MONCRIEFF.- At Ashton Old Church, Manchester, by the Rev. W. DUTTON,
Edward TAYLOR, master joiner and cabinet-maker, to Mary Jane, daughter
Mrs. MONCRIEFF, King street, Penrith


GARNETT.- In Brougham street, Penrith, on the 4th inst, Maggie, infant
daughter of William Dawson GARNETT.

POWLEY.- AT Brinkley Farm, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, on the 3rd inst,
Margaret, wife of Thomas POWLEY, late of Field Head, Great Strickland,
her 60th year.

SNOWDEN.- At Melmerby, on the 8th inst, Robert Dodd SNOWDEN, formally
post-office clerk at Penrith, aged 31 years.

HETHERINGTON.- In Scotland Road, Penrith, on the 15th inst, Railton
HETHERINGTON, aged 66 years.

SLACK.- At Skirwith Hall, on the 13th inst, Jane SLACK, relict of the late
Isaac SLACK, aged 36 years.