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Three prizes will be given of 10s., 6s., and 4s., respectively, for the three best lists of SURNAMES of present members of the Workington Local Board and School Board, made out of the words "Workington Star, published every Friday afternoon for Saturday."




1.  All lists must be sent in to the "Star" Office, in FINKLE STREET, not later than the 31st of July.


2.  The winning lists and names will be published in the "Star" early in August.


3.  Every Competitor must send full name and address, or will be disqualified.


4.  With each list of names there must be enclosed a copy of this notice cut from the "Star".


5.  In case a tie occurs the prize will be equally divided between the equal competitors.


6.  The portraits of the winners of the prizes shall appear in the "Star" if the winners desire it.


7.  There shall be no appeal from the decision of the judge in the competition.  C. J. VALENTINE, Esq., J.P., of Banklands, has kindly consented to act as judge.




W.B. - Please give your name and address, and then if we can spare room we will publish the piece.


JOHN EVENING, Portsmouth. - Thanks.  Will go over the M.S, when time permits.  Busy.


REV. D. C. McLEOD. - Many thanks for the paper received.  Will write you.


E. FAWKES. - Try again.  The piece you send has merit, but is too long.


LIEBER. - Crowded out.  Wait.  Am obliged.


"O." - Your "sketch" is excellent, and shall appear as early as possible.