Shortly before noon on Sunday the pedestrians in South-street, Egremont, had an alarming experience. A horse and milk float belonging to Mr. R. FISHER, Low Walton, St. Bees, was standing in South-street, and a pony and conveyance, driven by Miss. C. DAWSON, of Woodend, was passing down the street, Mr. FISHER’s horse suddenly dashed down the street, and in turning, after passing over the bridge, came in contact with a mail cart, in which was the two year old son of Mr. And Mrs. John ROBINSON, Tyson’s Court, Old Bridge, Egremont.
 The mail cart was smashed, and the child thrown out, but very fortunately escaped with nothing worse than a severe shaking. Miss. M. QUAYLE, East Road, went down, and received bruises. The horse was eventually brought to a standstill by Messrs. KIRKCONEL and R. CLEMENTS.