At the Maryport Police Court, on Monday, before J. MAUGHAN, Esq., Chairman, and R. W. WATSON, Esq., Samuel McKEOWN (36), stonebreaker, belonging to Whitehaven, was charged with doing malicious damage to certain property owned by Elizabeth HODGSON, a small shopkeeper in Nelson-street. Defendant was further charged with resisting the police.
 The prosecutrix said defendant had frequently begged bread, and on Sunday afternoon came into her shop and insisted on lighting his pipe, although she told him she did not like anyone to smoke there. He thereupon kicked over the table with his foot, breaking everything on it including some pint pots, and she was obliged to call for some help. He struck at her with his stick, and some men came to her assistance.
 Inspector TOWERS said he found defendant sitting on the door step. The floor was littered with broken crockery. The defendant said the woman should have given him some bread. The prisoner then began brandishing a stick, and struck several passers-by. Witness endeavoured to reason with him but could make no impression, and when he tried to pull the prisoner to his feet he struck witness on the chest with his feet, and tried to shove his nails into his hand. Prisoner became so vicious that he had to be conveyed to the police station in a hand cart.
 P. C. COOPER corroborated, and said the crowd probably would have dealt harshly with the prisoner had it not been for the police.
 Inspector TOWERS said prisoner had appeared several times before the Whitehaven Bench. He had been brought up at Flimby Lodge.
 Prisoner was ordered one month imprisonment for the first offence, and for the second was fined 40s.