Wm. Moore TODD (15) labourer, Kiln Brow, Cleator, and Alvin HUNTER (18) Ribton, Moorside, Hensingham, were charged with having ridden bicycles furiously and to the danger of the foot passengers on the highway at Gillfoot Road and Town Head Mines, Egremont, about 8-30 p.m. on the 29th June.
 Supt. HOGG said two young ladies were knocked down. One of them had not yet recovered from the shock.
 Sarah BECK, 92, Main-street, Egremont, said on the 29th June she was in company with a young lady called May HORNE, walking towards Town Head, when something came from behind and knocked her down. They were walking on the left side of the road. She was stunned and the next thing she remembered she was in the hedge. Her mouth was bleeding and her teeth were broken, and she was bruised on the legs and the arms. She was sore yet. She saw the defendants with bicycles. She heard no warning bell or whistle.
 Beatrice May HORNE, daughter of Sergeant HORNE, said that on the 29th she was going along the road with the last witness towards Town Head, when suddenly something knocked her over. When she got up she saw Miss. BECK who was bleeding from the mouth. She saw the defendants with their bicycles and asked them their names. TODD gave her his name readily and apologised. HUNTER refused to give his name. They heard no warning whistle or bell. They were walking on the left side of the road going to Woodend, and the defendants came from Egremont.
 John MELVILLE, fitter, 21, Kiln Brow, Cleator, said that on Sunday night, the 29th June, he was on the road between Egremont and Townhead when he saw the defendants riding bicycles. They were riding very fast and both bicycles ran into the young lady witness from behind. Witness heard no warning in any way. There was quite sufficient space for the defendants to pass. They were riding very furiously. HUNTER used bad language, but TODD gave his name and apologised.
 A letter was handed in from TODD’s late schoolmaster, testifying to the lad’s character.
 Supt. HOGG said the boys had previously that evening been warned by the police for riding furiously.
 The Chairman said the Bench were going to make a difference. TODD appeared to have given his name at once and regretted the accident, offering to help the ladies all he could. HUNTER appeared to have behaved in a most disgraceful way. After knocking the ladies down, he used bad language to them and did not deny it. It was a serious case, which might have ended in more serious consequence. In consideration of the conduct of the two, TODD was fined 20s or 14 days imprisonment, HUNTER, 30s or one month’s imprisonment. The Chairman added that the public must have protection in some way, and he hoped this would be a warning for the boys.