John Henry SINGLETON (39), collier, Sandwith; Jonathan HODGSON (39), collier, Sandwith; and Robert ASHBRIDGE (39), collier, South Row, Kells, were summoned for having been found on the licensed premises of the Lowther Arms, Sandwith, for the purpose of obtaining intoxicating liquor during prohibited hours, at 10-30 a.m. on Sunday the 29th June, at Sandwith.
 Mr. CURWEN said, that upon what the chairman had said, he would with their permission withdraw the summons against ASHBRIDGE and proceed with the others.
 This was granted.
 Mr. ATTER said he defended, but the defendants pleaded guilty and he could not contest the charges.
 P. C. WINTER gave evidence, and the men were fined 10s each or seven days imprisonment.