By the kind permission of Mr. Thomas DIXDON, J.P., C. C., one of the vice presidents of this club, Rheda was visited on Tuesday evening, and a most enjoyable and educative time passed in the vicinity.
 There was a large attendance, including the president of the club, the Rev. Caesar CAINE, Vicar of Cleator. Mr. DIXON very kindly met the party on arrival, and gave all a hearty welcome. He also conducted the party through the charming grounds, which is now to be seen in all the glory of their summer granduer, and furnished the names of many of the large and interesting variety of shrubs &c., which there are to be seen. He also showed the party two old quorns, which, on the authority of Dr. PARKER, Gosforth, originally belonged to the Carnarvon Castle, near Beckermet.
 The old medieval cross of Cross Lacon, which was removed some time ago from the roadside, near Rheda Quarry, and erected in the grounds near Rheda mansion for better protection and preservation, proved an object of much interest.
 Basing his observations on the authority of the late Rev. W. S. CALVERLEY, and the present Dr. PARKER, Gosforth, the Secretary, Mr. John SEWELL read an account of the cross, which explained its outstanding characteristics, and gave the suggested meanings of the name “Lacon.”
 Mr. DIXON, Mr. Stanley DODGSON, Mr. CAINE, Mr. COSTINE and Mr. T. BROWN made a few remarks on the subject, which appeared to be very interesting to those present. Subsequently the well laid out quarry was visited, and greatly admired for its charming appearance. Altogether the visit to Rheda was greatly enjoyed and appreciated, and before separating Mr. CAINE proposed, and Mr. COSTINE seconded, that a hearty vote of thanks be conveyed by the secretary to Mr. DIXON, not only for granting permission to visit Rheda, but for his great kindness in spending so much time over those present. The vote was unanimously agreed to.