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A meeting of this Council was held on Thursday the 17th in the New Public
Hall.  Present:  Messrs.  T. I. WRIGHT (presiding),  G. GRAHAM,  W. SOWERBY,
F. SMITH, and the Clerk (MR. M. WILKINSON).  The Chairman, MR. WAUGH, came
in late, and did not take the chair.

A letter from Messrs. MILVAN intimated that before consenting to the
proposed improvement to the culvert on the road to Bittlestones, they wished
to see the place, after which they would give their decision.
    The sub-committee appointed to carry out the repair of the footpath
along Irthingside, and from the Reading Room to the Station, reported that
they did not propose to do anything to the last named portion, but had
engaged MR. W. SMITH to do the necessary work on the part along the river
    Several accounts were ordered to be paid.