A case was tried at Montreal recently, in which H. E. MIGNER was prosecuted
for selling a pill which he represented as being the same as Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.

The matter was taken up by the Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, who were soon
enabled to collect sufficient evidence to warrant the arrest of MIGNER on a
charge of obtaining money under false pretenses.

Counsel for the prosecutors said his clients did not wish to press for
severe punishment this time;  they only wished to establish the fact that
representing a pill to be the same as Dr. Williams' Pink Pills was a crime
which made the perpetrator liable to imprisonment.

On the first charge the judge imposed a sentence of ten days, with the
option of a fine, and in the other case a sentence of two days imprisonment
without the option of a fine.

This decision seems to establish the principle that those who sell
imitations representing them to be "the same as" Dr. Williams Pink Pills,
are liable under the criminal code.
from "Chemist and Druggist"