An inquest was held on Friday at Sutton, near St. Helen's, Lancashire, on the body of Mary Helen RAWLINSON, 27, and her child, Alfred Arnold RAWLINSON.
    The evidence showed that on Tuesday evening Mr. RAWLINSON, manager of the Lancashire Chemical company, found his wife had suffocated her child and committed suicide by cutting her throat.
    Her father and brother, boiler manufacturers, Barnsley, had been dangerously ill and experienced reverses in business, and, being greatly attached to her family, she felt their misfortune severely. Her sister was also an invalid. The following letter was found in her bedroom: -
    "Dearest Alfred,
            I cannot exist longer. My life has become a burden to me, how or why, i do not know; only it is not your fault, and you being the best, dearest and most indulgent husband in the world. If i did not take this step I should only live to be a trouble to you. I shall take Arnold with me. It will be better for us to go together. Do not think hardly of me. My anguish is greater than I can bear."
    The jury found that Mrs. RAWLINSON took her own and her child's life while insane and irresponsible for her actions.