It was with feelings of universal regret that the inhabitants of Aspatria, learned on Sunday morning, of the sudden demise of Mrs. WHITE on the previous night. The deceased lady lived near to the residence of her son, Dr. William HODGSON, of Brandreth House, Aspatria, and, as was her usual custom, had gone there during Saturday morning.
While there she was suddenly taken ill, and had to be carried to bed. Every care and attention were given to her, and every means resorted to for restoring her to consciousness, but with only partial success, and she expired about eleven o'clock on the same night from internal bleeding and syncope.
She was about 65 years of age, and a native of Cockermouth, being a daughter of the late Mr. STAMPER, ironmonger, of that town. Her first husband  was the late Dr. HODGSON, of Cockermouth, by whom she had one son - the present Dr. HODGSON of Aspatria. Subsequently she was married to the late Mr. Valentine WHITE, of Brigham, whose widow she has been for many years. About ten years ago she went to reside at Aspatra, during which time she endeared herself to all classes by her uniformly kind and beneficent disposition and actions.
"Mrs. WHITE's Charity" had become and established institution ; and from 60 to 100 poor widows and aged people on every Christmas Eve received each a pound of tea, &c., from Mrs. WHITE's "Charity Basket." Hers was an unostentatious, kind, and consistent Christian life, and much sympathy was felt throughout the entire congregation at Aspatria Church - of which she was a member - when the Rev. T. W. POWELL, on Sunday morning, feelingly alluded to her sudden and unexpected death.