On the authority of the Parish Officers of Brailes, the following
extraordinary instance of shameless imposition, on the part of a pretended pauper in that parish, named HARWOOD, has been made public.

       This man had long claimed and received parochial relief for himself
and his wife, and to strengthen his claims, he had lately represented himself as incapable of labour, from illness. But on examination by the medical
gentlemen, these representations were proved to be false; and an abatement was instantly made in his former weekly allowance.

       Complaints  of want and distress instantly followed, so loud and so
frequent, that at length the Parish Officers determined to enquire personally to the truth of the case. On entering his dwelling the observed a good fat bacon hog just slaughtered, and a great part of a side of old bacon. They found also of bed linen near twenty sheets, and other articles of furniture, denoting not merely comfort but affluence. And to crown all, they discovered in an old coffer, a small box, which the man seemed particularly anxious to conceal, all of which, when forcibly taken and examined, the contents were found to be 42 guineas, 42 half guineas; 43 seven shilling pieces in gold; 321. 10s in silver; 611. in Bank Notes!