Thursday se'ennight in the Court of King's Bench, came on the trial of
the KING v. MITFORD. It was an indictment for perjury, in an affidavit, in
which that MITFORD swore that Lady PERCEVAL forged certain letters which
appeared in the News Sunday paper of the 4th of April last, purporting to be signed by Lord CASTLEREAGH, Liverpool, and Eldon, respecting a new establishment for
the Princess of Wales.

       Lord ELLENBOROUGH, in charging the Jury, commented very severely on
the conduct of Lady PERCEVAL, who, he said, had made this unfortunate defendant the agent of her libels. His Lordship was proceeding to detail the evidence, when the Foreman of the Jury interrupted him, and said, that being fully convinced of the innocence of the defendant (MITFORD), it was unnecessary that he should give himself so much trouble.

       A verdict of Not Guilty was then recorded, which gave great
satisfaction throughout the crowded court.

       The trial lasted seven hours; and a scene of greater depravity in high
life was never witnessed, than that disclosed by the evidence.

       Lady PERCEVAL married Earl EGMONT's son. The late Premier, and Lords
ARDEN and REDESDALE, are her uncles by marriage; her maiden name was WYNNE.