The Leward Island Mail, received this morning, has brought a heavy
list of captures, the following have already been put in Lloy'd books, and many
more are expected before the day is over;

       The Princess Royal, FOSTER, from London to Jamaica, was captured the
21st of December, off the Canaries, by the Sultune French frigate, of 44 guns,
and after being plundered  of about 130 tons of her cargo, was given up, and
arrived at Barbadoes the 9th of January. The frigate had taken and burnt the
Spanish ship Confeanza, from Cadiz, for Wilmington.

       The Prince George, BAILEY, from London to Jamaica; the Lady Caroline,
BARHAM from ditto; the Flora, IRELAND, from London to Martinique?; the Brazil
Lacket, COSTER, from Madeira to the Brazils; the Rosario from Cape de Verda;
and the Thetis from ditto, were captured the 27th and the 29th of December, by
the Nymphe and the Modests French frigates, from Brest; the former was given
up as a cartel, and arrived at Barbadoes the 10th of January, the others were

       The Wanderer , PRITCHARD, from London to Jamaica, and the Marticello,
CUSTANCE, from the Cape of Good Hope, were taken and destroyed on the fourth
of January in lat. 13. long. 51. by the President American frigate.