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Sale of Mahogany.

To be Sold in Public Sale, on Thursday Morning,
the 24th instant, at the New Warehouse Yard,
                    in Queen Street,
           About 3200 Feet of Mahogany,
      Imported from Jamaica in the Volunteer

                                    T. & M. HARTLEY

Whitehaven, 10 March, 1814.


              Man Servant Wanted

Wanted in a Gentleman's Family, to attend
to  a  small Farm, and occasionally to  drive
a Jaunting Car, with one horse, a servant of
light weight.

Good wages will be given to any person well
qualified  for the situation,  and satisfactorily
recommended from his last place.
       -Apply to the printer of this Paper.



       David FREARS begs  leave to  inform his
friends, and the public that  he has  opened a
Shop  in  Roper  Street,  in  the House  lately
occupied by Mr. MUNCASTER, Watchmaker,
- where  he has laid in  a good assortment of
    all kinds of Groceries and Teas which he
purposes selling on the most reasonable terms.

       All orders, with which he may be favoured
either  in  Town  or Country,  executed with the
greatest punctuality.

Whitehaven,  1 March 1814.



       To be  Let, and entered upon at Pleasure,
a commodious House at Woodend; containing
four  bed  chambers;  Two  Parlours,   Kitchen,
Back Kitchen, Scullery and Two Pantries; -  a
Garden, Orchard, Stable, for three Horses and
a Gig House.

       Woodend is One Mile from Egremont, and
Four from Whitehaven.

       -For particulars, apply to Mr. John BIRLEY,
upon the premises.

Cleator, 28 Feb. 1814.


Water Corn Mill

To be Sold or Let, by Private Contract, situate
in  the  Parish  of  Whicham, in the County of

-Further Particulars may be had, by applying
to Mr. SHAW, Attorney at Law, Ulverston.

10 March, 1814.



By W. BIRKETT, Grocer, Tangier-Street, Whitehaven,

New Red Clover
New White Do.
New Trefoil
Spring Tares
Annual and Perennial Rye Grass, warranted New.

14 March, 1814.


             Mr. LEWIS

              Surgeon Dentist.

Respectfully informs the Ladies and Gentlemen
that he  is arrived; and may be consulted at his
lodgings, at, Mrs. NEWTON's, King-street.

    His stay will be eight or ten days only.

Whitehaven, 12 March, 1814.

PERRY's Dividend

       The Commissioners, in a Commisson of Bankrupt, hearing date the Sixth
Day of  July, 1812, awarded and issued forth against Edward PERRY, of
Whitehaven in the County of Cumberland, Ironmonger, intend to meet on the 28th Day of
March, Instant 1814, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon at the Black Lion, in
Whitehaven, aforesaid, to make a further dividend of the Estate and Effects of
the said bankrupt; when and where the creditors, who have not already proved
their debts, are to come prepared to do the same, or they will be excluded the
benefit of the said dividend.

       All claims, not then proved will be disallowed.


Bridgefoot Tolls

Notice id Hereby Given.

       That the Tolls arising at the Toll Gate, upon the Turnpike Road,
leading from Cockermouth, in the County of Cumberland, to Workington, in the said County Called, or known by the name of Bridgefoot Gate will be let by auction, to the best bidder, at the house of Joseph PEARSON, Innholder, situate at Broughton Cross, in the said County, on Friday the Twenty Fifth Day of March, 1814, between the hours of Two and Four O'clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed by an Act passed in the Thirteenth year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, "for regulating Turnpike Roads."

       Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the same time, give
security with sufficient Sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the
said Turnpike Road, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct.

                                        Joseph STEEL.

Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road.


To Spade Markers

       Two Good Spade Markers will meet with Encouragement, by applying to
Messrs. LITTLES, DODGSON, and ALLINSON, Wath Forge, near Whitehaven.

                    Married Men Preferred.

Wath Forge, 5 March, 1814.


Freehold Property

       To be sold in public, upon the premises, on Wednesday the 23rd day of
March, 1814.

       The well accustomed Inn, known by the name of the Grey Coat Inn,
Baggraw, in the parish of Allhallows, in the County of Cumberland; - with a garden and orchard; containing a number of fruit trees, seven years planted, the property of Mr. John KIRKUP, of Longtown.

       The above property will be intitled to a share of Common, now under

       Mr. John GRAVE, the Farmer will shew the premises.

       N. B. The sale to begin at three o'clock in the afternoon.


James HEWETSON's Assignment

       Whereas James HEWETSON, of Whitehaven, in the County of Cumberland,
Grocer, hath by indenture of assignment, dated the fifth day of March 1814,
assigned over all his stock in trade, Household Furniture, Personal Effects
whatsoever, unto George BROCKBANK, of Whitehaven aforesaid., and Henry DALTON, of Eaglesfield, in the parish of Brigham, in the said County, Gentlemen, upon trust for  the benefit of such of the creditors of the said James HEWETSON as shall become parties to and execute the said assignment within two months from the date thereof;

                                Notice is hereby Given,

       That the said assignment, is lodged in the office of Mr. SHERWEN,
solicitor, in Whitehaven, for the Inspection and Signature of such of the
Creditors of the said James HEWETSON as may think proper become Parties thereto.

       N. B. - All persons indebted to the said James HEWETSON are requested
to make immediate payment to the said George BROCKBANK.


Separate Estate

       The Commissioners, in a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued
forth against Isaac THOMPSON, of Keckle Grove, near Whitehaven, In the County of Cumberland, Merchant, carrying on business together with Joseph THOMPSON, of the Island of Antigua, Merchant, his copartner in trade, intend to meet on
Monday, the twenty eighth day of March, 1814, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Globe Tavern, John Street, Liverpool, in order to make a dividend of the separate Estate and Effects of the said bankrupt; when and where the creditors, who have not already proved their debts against such separate Estate, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they would be excluded the benefit of the said dividend; and all claims, not then proved will be disallowed.

                                     DAWSON, Solicitor, Liverpool.



To be sold in Public Sale, to the Highest bidder on Wednesday, the 16th of
March 1814 at the house of Mrs. Eleanor SIMPSON, Innholder at Harrington
Harbour, The Good Brigantine, or Vessel Called
                            The Union.

Watson CRAIG, late master, deceased, of the burthen of One Hundred and Sixty
Nine Tons, per register; sails and takes the ground well, and is well
calculated for coal and coasting trade.

       The purchaser to make a deposit of ten per cent and give security for
the payment of the remainder and three and six months.

       Inventories may be seen at the place of sale at the Golden Inn,
Whitehaven; Mrs. ROBINSON's, Workington, and Mr. JACKSON's, Maryport.

       The vessel may be viewed by applying to Mr. Wilfrid FISHER, at
Harrington, aforesaid.

                              Isaac ROBINSON, Auctioneer.



       To be sold, in Public Sale, on Thursday the 17th of March, 1814, at
the house of Mary CHARTERS, the Sign of the Anchor, at Harrington Harbour. The good Brig, or Vessel, called the

       Carries 86 waggons of coal; built by Messrs. ASKEW, ELWOOD, and Co. of
Harrington, in the year 1795; is a firm strong vessel, and suitable for the
Baltic, Norway, Coal or coasting trade.

       She had ___? laid upon her, in January 1813; when she had a new
bottom, Standing Rigging &c., and has just been finished caulking and graving.

       The purchaser to pay a deposit of 5l. per cent on the amount of the
purchase money, and give satisfactory security for payment of the remainder by
two equal payments of three and six months from day of sale.

       Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. James CARR, at the
Ship Building Yard, Harrington.

       Inventories to be seen at the Golden Lion, Whitehaven; Mrs.
ROBINSON's, Workington; Mr. KACKSON's, Maryport; and at the place of sale.

                                 Mr. ROBINSON, Broker.


Houses and Shares of Ships.

       To be sold by public Auction, on Thursday the 24th of March, 1814, at
Mrs. PEEL's, the Sign of the Golden Lion, Market Place, Whitehaven.

       All those dwelling houses situate in Senhouse-street, Whitehaven
aforesaid, at present occupied by Thomas COWAN and others.

                                     Also will be Sold

       One sixteenth of the Lovely Nelly, of Workington, Henry PIGGS, Master

       One thirty second of the Francis, of Worklington, William DANSON,

       One thirty second of the Carrier, of Whitehaven, Thomas HUDDLESTON,

       One thirty second of the Tamar, of ditto, Joseph MUNDELL, Master.

       One thirty second of the Wellington, of ditto, Thomas COCKTON, master.

       One thirty second of the Draper, of ditto, Benjamin BARWISE, Master.

       One thirty second of the Monmouth, of ditto, John SHEPHERD, Master.

       The conditions will be produced previous to the sale. For particulars
apply to Mr. A. B. SIBSON.

                       Isaac ROBINSON, Broker.


             Seeds &c.

   Just Imported, and on Sale by

  Alexander REID, Lowther Street

       Fine New Dutch Clover
        Fine New Red       do.
  Warranted New Spring Tares
New Perennial and Annual Rye Grass
        New London Trefoil
     New London Rib Grass

            Also on Sale

A few Boxes of Sweet St. Michaels'



      To be Sold by Private Contract,
One Sixteenth Part or Share of the Brig

            (J. BELL, Master)

       Of the Burthen of 214 Tons, Register
Measure;  was  built  at  Maryport in 1803.
The  said  Vessel  will  be sold with all the
present  profits,   as  she  now  lies in  the
Harbour at Liverpool.

       For  further  particulars,  apply  to  Mr.
John  DAND,  High-Street, Maryport; or Mr.
T. SCARROW, Spirit Merchant, Carlisle.


                 Shipping Wanted

  Three or Four First Class Vessels from 150
                    to 250 tons.


       To load salt at Liverpool, for the Baltic, and
       back to Liverpool or Lancaster.
       Two Vessels From
       200 to 250 Tons Register

       To go to Quebec, and back to Liverpool or

Apply to George IRVIN, Workington.
Workington, 26 February, 1814.


                    Unredeemed Pledges

       To be sold in Public Sale, (For Ready Money)
at the Shop of Robinson BIRKETT, Pawnbroker, in
the Market-place, Whitehaven, on Wednesday the
16th of March, 1814, -

       The pledges that  have  remained  more  than
one year; consisting of Plates, Watches, Wearing
Apparel, Beds, Bedding, Furniture, &c., &c.

The Sale to begin at ten o'clock in the Forenoon.



To be Let, and entered upon immediately, a Park,
situate in the Parish of Irton containing about 173
acres,  well  watered  and  walled around. - Good
pasturage's for horses and  Cattle,  and very good
Hog Winterage.

N. B.  -  Mr. TAYLOR,  at  Muncaster Castle, will
shew the Park, and further particulars may known
by  applying  to  Mr. ATKINSON,  of Carleton Hall,
who will treat with any respectable Farmer.