On Friday evening the members of the Wath Brow Reading Rooms were
entertained to supper on the kind invitation of Mr. J. IRVING, of Wath Farm, who has for many years been an ardent supporter of the institution. A good number put in an appearance, and ample justice was done to the excellent spread which had been provided.

       After the cloth had been removed the toast of the evening, 'Host and
Hostess" was ably given by Mr. J. MOORE, president of the rooms, and it was
supported by Mr. J. FORESTER in a neat and humorous speech to which Mr. IRVING responded.

       Games, vocal and instrumental music were afterwards indulged in with
much vigour till the small hours of the morning, when the company dispersed
after again refreshing the inner man, all having spent a most enjoyable time.

       The following ladies presided over the tables in an excellent manner:-



Misses IRVING (2)


and Messrs:

J. IRVING, sen.

L. IRVING, jun., in the capacity of carvers.