Musical Theory and Practical Examinations were held at Whitehaven on 

December 14th and 20th. The following is the list of successful candidates:-


Theory - Senior honours - A. H. STRICK, pupil of Mr. F. J. LIVESAY.


Junior Pass - Hannah HAZELDON and Jane L. MARTIN, pupils of Miss. M. COOPER; 

John NELSON, pupil of Mr. A. H. STRICK.


Practical Piano - Senior Division - Daisy WELD, pupil of Mr. E. A. SOBEY, A. 

R. C. O.


Intermediate Division - Ethel KINNION, pupil of Miss. E. FAWCETT; Florence 

KERR, pupil of Mr. W. GLENN.


Junior Division - Mary R. JOYCE, pupil of Mr. Alfred HALL; Dora LIDBETTER, 

pupil of Miss. E. LIDBETTER; Margaret M'KERROW, pupil of Mrs. MORGAN; Florence 

M. JOLLY, pupil of Mr. J. NICHOLSON.


Preparatory Division - Elizabeth M'VITTIE and Mary POTTS, pupils of Mr. 

Alfred HALL; John NELSON and Mary RICHARDSON, pupils of Mr. A. H. STRICK; Agnes REID, pupil of Mr. GLENN, Workington.


Examiner, Dr. Walmsley LITTLE.