The last meeting of this Board was held at the Rectory on the 

invitation of the Rector, who is chairman of the Board. Beside the chairman there were 

present Messrs:-




W. BIRKETT, clerk.



   Mr. GREIG, Syke Whins, wrote acknowledging the clerk's intimation that 

his daughter had the first refusal of the post of candidate in the Distington 

Mixed School. In thanking the board for the offer he said that his daughter 

will be pleased to accept the appointment.

                               EXTENSION OF TIME.

   Miss. CARVER, whose apprenticeship is just terminating, wrote asking 

the board to keep her on at the school until the result of the scholarship 

examination. - This request was unanimously acceded to, on the proposition of Mr. WILSON, seconded by Mr. PLASKETT. Mr. CORLETT wrote asking the Board to allow his daughter to remain in school with a view to appointment at some future time. This was unanimously acceded.



             INCREASE OF SALARY.


       In accordance with notice, Mr. ROPER moved that the salary of Mr. 

GIDDINS be advanced according to scale. The chairman seconded, and it was adopted.



             H. M. INSPECTOR'S REPORT

             ON DYON SCHOOL.


       The Clerk read the following report on Dyon School: -


       Mixed School. - "The class is smartly and intelligently conducted. 

Good order is maintained, and in all aspects the work seen at the visits of 

inspection was good and showed careful teaching. The staff was insufficient during the year."



       Infant Class. - "The class has improved. The defects mentioned in last 

years report have received attention, and both order and instruction are now 

satisfactory. The new desks in the gallery are a great improvement. The school is full, and the average attendance equals official accommodation."



       Betsy IRVING, Dora CLARK, and Sarah MYERS, candidates have passed. The 

grant earned is mixed 22s per head, Infants class 17s. - The Chairman 

remarked that this was a good report, and moved that the Board write a letter of congratulation to Mr. GIDDINS.


       Mr. ROPER said that there had been a great improvement in the school 

during the last six months. Parents mentioned the fact to him. - The motion was carried. - The Chairman subsequently had refreshments brought in, and wished the members the compliments of the season.