The half yearly meeting of the T. M. Branch of National Foresters,
held on Saturday, in St. Patrick's Schools, Duke Street, was very largely
attended. Bro. J. BYRNE, Chief Ranger was in the chair. Bro. John WOODS, secretary, read his half yearly report and balance sheet. The report showed that membership increased. There have been several deaths, and consequently the profits of the half year was not as great as might have been expected. However the club was in very satisfactory condition, and he hoped it would continue to prosper.

       The balance sheet which showed a profit of over £6 on the half year
was adopted. The election of officers resulted as follows:-

Chief Ranger, James BYRNE, re-elected.

Sub Chief Ranger, L. BYRNE, re-elected.

Treasuere, James MURPHY, re-elected.

Secretary, Jno. WOODS, re-elected

Beagle, J. BURNS, elected.

Beagle, Jno. CAMPBELL, re-elected.

Woodwards, M. BYRNE re-elected.

E. FOWLER, re-elected.