The Financier and the Bullionist, whose forecasts have been most
accurate of late, is strongly recommending South African Land Shares as a
profitable investment. It particularly emphasises "United African Lands," which, says the writer, "as a Coal owing as well as a big land holding Concern ought to stand a good deal higher than it's present price of about 4s for the 10s share. The Colliery is being worked at present for the benefit of the British Army, but when the war is over it will be in a position to supply the Delagoa Bay Railway and steamers calling at Delagoa Bay with coal. Apart from it's coal interests, the Company owns close on 300,000 acres of farm lands, a great proportion of which are said to be highly mineralised."

       Another promising concern is the South Rhodesian Goldfields, which
owns nearly 1600 claims in Rhodesia, with the right to peg 1000 more. All the
claims have the advantage of being an old working and those conversant with
Rhodesia know that the old workers always followed the reefs down until they were drowned out, hence, it is fair to assume that they delved so far without pumps, the reefs to-day must be well worth following. The rush for such shares as these now obtainable at about 13s 6d and United African Lands, as soon as a settlement is arrived at, must force up prices immediately, and those who take advantage of the present quiet state of the Market should benefit  considerably.