The executrix and executors of the will dated September 26, 1901, of
Dr. Edward Harriman DICKINSON, of 2 Grove Park, Liverpool, and also of
Lamplugh, who died on the 10th of October last, aged 58 years, are his widow, Mrs. Emma DICKINSON, his son, Mr. William Henry DICKINSON, his brother Mr. John DICKINSON, of Phillimore Gardens, and his cousin, Mr. George DICKINSON, of Liverpool, solicitor, by whom the testators estate has been valued at £46,430 8s 11d gross, and £45,946 1s 11d net; and the late doctor bequeathed to his brothers, John and William and his cousin, George, £250 each; and to his half sisters, Mary and  Jessie, £50 each; to his God daughter, Doris Helen, £50; to an old servant, £100; and to Mrs. DICKINSON, £500, his household effects, and the income of a sum of £20,000.

       The testator appointed the trust funds settled on his marriage with
his first wife, Miss. Anne PERRY, as to three-fifths thereof in favour of his
daughter Josephine Mary; and he bequeathed to his said son, £5,000, and to his
said daughter £3,000, and he left the residue of his property, in trust, for
his said son and daughter, and his son Frederick Harriman DICKINSON.

       The late Dr. E. H. DICKINSON married for his first wife Miss. Anne
PERRY, of Hensingham. She died many years ago.