The monthly meeting of this council was held at the Court House,
Cockermouth, on Monday, Mr. PAISLEY presiding.

       The Medical Officer of Health, Dr. ROBERTSON reported that during the
fourth quarter of the year ending last December the births registered
throughout the entire district were 146, of which 76 were males and 70 females. The deaths recorded were 70 in number. The annual birth and death rates were respectively 26.9 and 12.9, against 21.5 and 10.3, the rates for the corresponding period of last year. In the four sub rural districts the rate of mortality were as follows; - Keswick, 7, or 9.2; Cockermouth, 22 or 14.8; Workington, 18, or 14.3; Maryport, 23 or 12.0.

       Dr. ROBERTSON reported several cases of enteric fever having occurred
at Blindcrake and Redmain. The domestic water supply was obtained from a pump
well in the back yard, and there was a danger that organic impurities
percolated into the well. There were other well waters that were used, and it was highly advisable that the Council should ascertain by chemical analysis the purity or otherwise of the water. The village stood in need of a sewerage system.

       The Chairman said some years ago this well was visited at Blindcrake,
and it was the thought that it was not fit to drink. Mr. Wilson BRIGGS
suggested that a small committee should be appointed to report upon the matter.  Mr. TEASDALE also urged something should be done. The state of things at present existing was scandalous.

       On the motion of the Chairman, it was agreed that a sample of the
water be analysed, and in accordance with Mr. BRIGG's suggestion, a committee was appointed to investigate the nuisance.