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 A good deal of jocular gossip is being bandied about here on account of a considerable quantity of glittering sand,, which the officers and seamen of several of the guano ships have brought home in bags in high hopes that it was gold dust. It was discovered by a party of sailors on the African coast opposite Ichaboe, a few miles inland, and of course Jack saw that his fortune was made at once, if he had but as much spare canvas as would make sufficient bags for the treasure, and the belief that that part of Africa  was once called the "gold coast" instantly confirmed the fact.
     The "Golden Opportunity" was immediately seized upon, and every "palm" and "sail needle" set to work at bag making. The ore has actually arrived, and is reported officially; and in the import list of last week we see noted "Clansman of Glasgow, Peck from Ichaboe, with 350 tons guano to A. and J. DOWNIE, and 21 bags supposed gold ore to the master."
     Since its appearance here all our chymists and alchymists have been experimenting on it with crucibles and blow pipes, but unfortunately none of them having "a philosopher's stone," all the experiments ended in smoke. However we learn that properly qualified chymists from Edinburgh, who possess the secret, who have some recollection of the method used by George HERIOT in assaying the sands he procured from the Leith shipmaster, are to be in Glasgow directly with their entire apparatus, and we await the result with considerable anxiety; meanwhile we may remind them of the sound orthodox of the Scottish proverb, "I'ts no a' goud that glitters."
 -Glasgow Chronicle.