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    We hear from good authority, that an  application has been made to the
Committee of Privileges in the House of Lords  to restore the dormant title of
the Earldom of Levenax or Lennox. There are four  claimants:-
NAPIER of Napier
LENNOX of Woodhead, and
HALKANE of Glenegles.
This is one of the most ancient titles in  Scotland.
    A meeting was held in Edinburgh on  Friday, for the avowed object of
getting rid of Messrs. MACAULAY and  GIBSON-CRAIG, in the event of a general
election. The requisition calling the  meeting was signed by six hundred electors,
and resolutions were passed  condemnatory of all restrictions on trade, and
hinting pretty broadly to the  present representatives of "Modern Athens" that
they will not get into  Parliament on another occasion without opposition. In
the event of these  "gentlemen" acting like acting like Sturgeites, Edinburgh
might in the way of  representation be another Birmingham.
    Yesterday, a melancholy accident  happened which has caused great
sensation here. Two of our most respectable  inhabitants, who were bargaining about a
double barrelled pistol, made trial of  it against an old boat. After a shot
was fired, a head was seen popping over the  gunwale. The horrified spectators
rushed down to the boat, and found three  urchins who had been playing in the
bottom, one of them, six years of age, lying  wounded, the ball having
entered his head in a slanting direction from the ear.  No hopes are entertained
that the little sufferer will survive.
Our respectable townsman, Mr. BENDALL, sends us the following  curious bit of
information. About ten days ago, John CAMPBELL, of Rhonehouse, by  
Castle-Douglas, discovered at Airieland a skylark's nest, containing several  young
birds, obviously the product of a second hatching.
On examining the callow brood, he was astonished to find two  of them bound
together by a ligature covered with feathers, centered in, and  extending from
breast to breast. The said belt, pipe, or whatever it may be  called leaves
scope for the action of the inner wing, so that the pair thus  singularly
united, will be able to fly when fully grown, or mount aloft,  trilling their
matins, if permitted to escape.
The Airieland wonder is in the possession of Mr. CAMPBELL, and  the twain it
may be proper to add, are carefully tended, not by their natural  guardians,
but a kind canary, which performs all the offices of maternity from  morn to
dewy eve, utterly heedless of it;s own wants compared to theirs. -  Dumfries