The delay experienced in the transmission of the London Mails
northward by railway to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, beyond what is anticipated
after the opening out of the new line from Darlington to this town, is
exciting very general dissatisfaction.

    The fault, however, does not, it seems, attach to the directors of
the various railway companies, but to the Post Office authorities in
London who have laid down a scale of times of arrival and departure at
the different places along the line, which the companies are required
to observe. If a train reaches a post town half an hour before the time
thus fixed upon, it is detained till the usual period of making up the
dispatches, and, hence, great and unnecessary  delay is being
constantly occasioned.

    The railways companies it is understood, are quite prepared to
bring the London mail down to Newcastle in eleven or twelve hours,
provided Lords of the Treasury sanction such a rate of speed. The
London morning papers and letters might then be delivered in this town
the same evening, and the evening papers and letters by nine o'clock on
the following morning, with the greatest ease.

    Mr. Hodgson HINDE, M. P., who has taken great interest in the
acceleration of the mail northward, has had several interviews with the
Postmaster General on the subject, and it is the intention of the hon.
member to lay the case before the Treasury, when it is to be hoped the
evil will be abated. - Newcastle Journal.