Mr. DUNCOMBE's estate is going on exceedingly well, we are happy to
hear. On Tuesday evening a meeting was held in the vestry room of St.
Pancras, for the purpose of promoting it. The hour of commencing
business was seven o'clock, but it was nearly nine before the managers
could collect about a hundred men and women, "all belonging to the
working classes."

Some oratory was offered for the occasion, and Mr. Feargus O'CONNOR
appealed so effectually to the patriotic feelings of the assembly, that
very nearly two shillings were subscribed. The "Globe" indeed says, "We
noticed only a few pence on each plate."  This, however, is a mistake,
for besides two sixpences, there was one four-penny piece.

In the course of the next month we understand, there is to be a general
meeting of the subscribers, to take into consideration whether the
money shall be applied in purchasing a suitable mansion, with land
attached, or whether our principal architects shall be invited to
submit designs for an edifice, with estimates, &c.

The last report made by the treasurer stated that the "DUNCOMBE Estate
Fund" including a munificent donation from Mr. HUME, exceeded thirteen
pounds. - John BULL.