At the present season, when hydrophobia is very frequent, we cannot
omit to notice the great number of dogs of all sorts that infest the
streets of Carlisle, to the great inconvenience and danger of the
inhabitants. We do not know any town of similar size, where a greater
variety of worthless mongrels are to be met with; apparently half fed,
uncared for, and without any owner; and we think it the imperative duty
 of the authorities to interfere, for the protection of the public.

An immediate order should issue for the destruction of all dogs found
in the streets without a muzzle; and the police might be very usefully
instructed to inform the Assessors of Taxes in every district, of the
names of those parties who  keep dogs without paying the duty. If this
system were effectually carried out, at least one half of the nuisance
would at once removed; and while the danger from the frightful effects
of canine madness would be diminished, the decency and good order of
the streets would be better preserved, when being freed from the
unseemly gambols of the horde of animals now to be met with at every

While upon the subject of street nuisances, we must direct the
attention of the authorities to the very careless and inconvenient
manner in which the market carts are disposed of on market days, and
especially on Wednesdays. This week, we noticed several vehicles  in
the comparatively narrow space in front of Mr. FOSTER's fish shop,
while the open market had scarcely a single cart in it; and the same
fact may be noticed in respect to this and other parts of the town, on
every market day. A very little attention on the part of the police
would prevent this, and many other grievous nuisances; but no steps
appear to be taken, to prevent the offence, or punish the offenders.