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Last night the city was involved in profound darkness, and it was
scarcely possibly to discern objects a yards distance off; and yet
there was not a single gas lamp lighted. This is an evil which admits
of an easy and (through the liberality of the Gas Company) an
inexpensive remedy. It appears that the Corporation have sagely
resolved that on certain nights the moon is bound to shine, and that on
those nights there shall be no gaslight; but it does happen that in
spite of the Corporation the moon does not shine when their High
Mightinesses consider it ought to do so; and hence from time to time we
have a night of profound and dangerous darkness, such as we had last
night; while we often have an abundance of gaslight when there is
comparatively no occasion for it.

We should think there would be no difficulty in arranging that proper
parties should determine when the light may be safely dispensed with,
and when it is necessary. The worthy Councillors, however potent they
may imagine themselves to be, cannot compel moonlight to dance
attendance upon their pippin-squeezing economy.



    We announced some time since that the establishment of an
institution for the insurance of cattle against the calamities of
disease was  in contemplation; and we are happy to perceive, by an
advertisement elsewhere, that it is now an active operation. The terms
appear to have been based upon equitable principles, and we cordially
recommend the agriculturists to avail themselves of the very great
advantages that must obviously arise from this novel but most desirable
system of insurance.