The following is a list of letters now lying at the post office the

owners of which cannot be found:

Mr. Jno. STORY, St. Cuthbert, Cumberland.

Mr. CHARLINGTON, Baker, Cumberland

Robert CAULTON, Carlisle, in the County of Cumberland.

W. M. RICKERBY, by Carlisle.

Miss. DOLLAS, Bowland House, Carlisle.

Mr. Matthew CHAMBERS, Caud Gates, Carlisle.

Miss. Mary STEWART, care of Mrs. ROGHILL, near Cumberland.

Mr. Wm. NOBLE, Dalston, by Carlisle

Mr. Jno. DAVIDSON, Seedsman, Scotby, near Carlisle.

Mr. Wm. GILL, the Halfway House near Carlisle, Cumberland

Ann HOWE to the care of Mr. Jos. BATEES, Landen House by Carlisle, Cumberland

Mr. George WEST, draper, Burgh.

Mr. Samuel MYRTON, Crougletain, near Carlisle.

Mr. Wilson MOOR, Crosby-street, Carlisle.

Wm. PEASCOD Esq., or Agent to the Norwich Union Life and fire Office,

Carlisle, Cumberland.

for Jas. LITTLE, Gates Rig, near Carel

Jno. FIDDLER, Tailor, Barrass Court, Carlisle

Mr. F. McLELLAN, Teacher, Carlisle

Mr. Joseph TWEDDLE, Carlisle

Mr. J. HEADMAN, Caroline House, Carlisle

Messrs. THOMPSON and Lydia, Theatre Royal, Carlisle

Mr. Chas. ONELL, Dealer, in Marine Stores, Carlisle, County Cumberland.

Rev. R. HODGSON, Carlisle.