There is a woman now residing at the ancient town of Hesket-New-Market

who is upwards of thirty stones in weight. She is tall and bulky in

proportion; measuring, it is said, upwards of six feet round. She is a pauper, and the

only pauper in the parish to which she belongs. Strangers find ready access

to her, as she "spaes fortunes" for a trifle; and it is whispered that her

revenue is not a little increased by visits with this object, from the

"impatient lasses" of the neighbourhood.



We have just been favoured with an inspection of a proof from a

beautiful engraving of the "Great Dan," executed by Mr. W. HOLL after a painting by

our distinguished townsman Mr. T. CARRICK.

The likeness is admirable, and by far the best we have seen, every trait

and lineament being admirably brought out, and a ensemble preserved which

must strike every spectator as eminently true to nature. The bright eye, the

massive chin, the handsome mouth and even the scratch wig are all given with

unsurpassed truthfulness; and we cannot help thinking his success in this

particular will add materially to the already great reputation of the artist.



On the 22nd instant, a large otter was trapped in Sampson's Chamber,

Barron Wood, by Mr. Braithwaite ATKINSON, gamekeeper to Sir George MUSGRAVE,

Bart.; and it weighed twenty-three pounds. The animal has been stuffed, and has

been presented to Sir George MUSGRAVE, Bart., Eden Hall.