The will of the late Earl of LONSDALE has just been proved in Doctors'

Commons, by the Right Honourable William, Earl of LONSDALE, the Honourable

Henry Cecil LOWTHER, (sons of the deceased), and Sir John BECKETT, Bart.

The deceased gives a very large portion of his property to his wife,

(who died in his lifetime.)

To his cousin, Mary Frances THOMPSON £10,000; but by his codicil, he

revokes this legacy, gives her an annuity of £1,000 per annum instead.

To his friend the Hon. G. O'CALLAGHAN, £2,000.

By the codicil, to his son Cecil and family (in addition to the benefit

they receive by the will) £30,000.

His lordship observes, "My domestics and servants are so numerous that

it would be next to impossible to name them separately; and desires his

executors to compensate them leaving the amount to their discretion. He desires to

be buried in Lowther, in a "private manner."

The will is very long, and dated 1836. The personal property is sworn

under the large sum of £100,000.