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 -- We understand that the unmarried gentlemen of Northumberland have resolved to form themselves into as association, to be denominated the "Shirt and Pie Club," the principal object of which is to ensure suitable wives.  To effect this, each member is bound under a penalty of £50 not to marry any lady who cannot, by two credible witnesses, be proved to be able to cut out and sew a shirt, make a pie, and darn a pair of stockings, and he must within six months after his marriage, under a similar penalty, be able to establish that his lady has made at least a dozen shirts, baked a dozen of pies, and darned a dozen pairs of stockings.  The idea has been borrowed form a club in the south, where the scheme has been eminently successful, as the young ladies, seeing that what in modern parlance are usually denominated accomplishments, were at a discount, turned their attention to what was really useful, and were consequently rewarded with good husbands.