The electors of eight trustees to serve for the ensuing five years, for the town and harbour of Maryport, took place on Monday week, at the Court House at ten o’clock in the forenoon. Mr. B. BIGLANDS in the chair, when thirteen candidates were proposed and seconded. The meeting was then adjourned to the Golden Fish Assembly Room until two o’clock, when the polling commenced and continued till near midnight. The following is the result: -
Mr. William OSTLE, 153.
Mr. William RITSON, 148
Mr. Jonah SCOTT, 139
Mr. Robert RITSON, 136
Mr. John WOOD, 108
Mr. William TYSON, 87
Mr. Kelsick WOOD, 81
Mr. J. WALKER, 64
Mr. Myles BRIGGS, 17
Mr. Joseph HUDDLESTON, 48
Mr. Edward TYSON, 48
Mr. John CURREY, 34
Mr. Humphrey NELSON, 28.