The absence of fanaticism and of that proselytising zeal, which is one of the most prolific sources of religious hatred, is to be explained by the peculiar religious conceptions of these peasants.  In their minds religion and nationality are so closely allied as to be almost identical.  The Russian is, as it were, by nature a Christian, and the Tartar a Mahometan; and it never occurs to any one in these villages to disturb the appointed order of nature.  On this subject I had once an interesting conversation with a Russian peasant, who had been for some time living among Tartars.  In reply to my question as to what kind of people the Tartars were, he replied, laconically, "Nitchevo" -- that is to say, "nothing in particular;" and on being pressed for a more definite expression of opinion, he admitted that they were very good people indeed.  "And what kind of faith have the?"  I continued.  "A good enough faith," was the prompt reply.  "Is it better than the faith of the Molokáni?"  The Molokáni are Russian sectarians -- closely resembling Scotch Presbyterians -- of whom I shall have more to say in the sequel.  "Of course it is better than the Molokán faith."  "Indeed!"  I exclaimed, endeavouring to conceal my astonishment at this strange judgement.  "Are the Molokáni then, very bad people?"  "Not at all.  The Molokáni are good and honest."  "Why, then, do you think their faith is so much worse than that of the Mahometans?"  "How shall I tell you?"  The peasant here paused as if to collect his thoughts, and then proceeded slowly, "The Tartars, you see, received their faith from God as they received the colour of their skins, but the Molokáni are Russians, who have invented a faith out of their own heads!"  This singular answer scarcely requires a commentary.  As it would be absurd to try to make Tartars change the colour of their skins, so it would be absurd to try to make them change their religion.  Besides this, such an attempt would be an unjustifiable interference with the designs of Providence, for, in the peasant's opinion, God gave Mahometanism to the Tartars just as he gave the orthodox faith to the Russians. -- Russia.  By D. Mackenzie Wallace, M.A.