(From our Special Correspondent.)
         We are again on the eve of another Waterloo Cup, and perhaps it is years since it was such an open affair; as though there are about six or seven better greyhounds than the rest, there is not one that can be called a Master McGrath or Honeymoon, so a liberal price is still on offer against even the favourites.  Having in four previous essays kept your readers posted up with all the latest intelligence anent Waterloo, my task in this, the final say, will be comparatively easy.  I shall glance at the whole sixty-four nominators as they are set down on the card, and at the conclusion sum up the probable winner, if possible.  The first name on the list is that of Mr. R. E. ABBOTS, of Burton-upon-Trent, who will run the best on the day between Munden and Altcar.  Altcar went well for a couple of courses during the club meeting last month, held over the same ground; and Munden also went fast in the Brownlow Cup at Lurgan, where Mr. ABBOTS bought him; but whichever it is, will not do more than get a course or two, if that.  That fine old sterling Irish courser, with all his Alicks and Alices, has nothing good enough for him to speculate the twenty-five pounds upon; so, Mr. ALEXANDER has sent his name into the Committee; who it has been allotted to I don't know at this time.  Mr. ALLISON will again nominate Huron, by C.P.B., out of Miss Wilson.  Last year he was beaten by Donald in the last four, after having been hard run, and should he steer clear of the flyers at first, might get into the same position again.  Mr. S. J. BINNING, the worthy Mayor of this City, is very anxious to run one of his own.  He has a good puppy, but is afraid it is too young; and should he not return his name to the Committee, will most likely run Bonnington Linn, who, I am afraid, will not land the Waterloo Cup at Carlisle.  Mr. BOOTE has backed his nomination for a good sum, and depends upon Minalto, a fast and clever dog, with whom Mr. BOOTE says he does not fear anything he many meet in the stake.  Mr. W. J. BORRON will have nothing better than Bit of Shamrock as his representative.  Bit of Shamrock ran well over this ground last year, also again in the Members' Cup, where he was unluckily put out after an undecided by Beeswing.  Of all the nominations in the lot, that of Mr. BRIGGS has been backed for the most money, Mr. BRIGGS himself taking some good bets to a large amount, and the general public have followed suit, so that he is now fairly in the front rank of favourites; his chosen one, Braw Lass, being a clinker.  When she was first brought out at Longtown every one saw what a good greyhound she was.  Since then she has gone on improving, and only a few days ago led Beardwood three lengths, and beat him easily.  Mr. BRIGGS informed me at Altcar that he thought her a better greyhound than what Bed of Stone was.  If such is the case, her chance of winning Mr. B. his second Waterloo Cup must be second to none. Mr. BRISCO has only Ben Loyal, by Duncan Grey, out of Adieu, this year.  He is a fast puppy, but a bit rough at his turns, and I am afraid will not do the Crofton Hall kennel so good a service as what Ben Barr did last year.
From the day that Mr. BROCKLEBANK brought out Barrabas, at the Altcar Club Meeting in November up to the present time, he has been almost first favourite.  Barrabas is allowed by all good judges to be the best puppy that has been out this season, and I know for a fact that a gentleman who has won a Waterloo Cup has backed Mr. BROCKLEBANK'S dog to win him a handsome sum of money; and if ever Mr. BROCKLEBANK had any chance of landing the Cup he has now, as his dog is not only fast but exceedingly clever.  Mr. R. B. CARRUTHERS runs his black bitch Change, by Contango, out of Hannah.  Change has the credit of having once beaten Braw Lass this season, but the way she led Aunt Keda, and went round her in the Members' Cup, stamps her as more than an average greyhound, and might, with luck, find herself in the last eight.  Mr. T. H. CLIFTON, after having several trials, has found Conjux to be his best one.  Though not a very fast one, Conjux is as clever at her turns as a "Chinese Juggler is with the three balls."  The name of Mr. COLMAN has been returned to the committee, and is now held by Mr. KIRKHAM, who will, it is said, run his neighbour's (Mr. CLARK'S) Birkdale, the one which, it was reported a few weeks ago, had beaten Honeymoon in a trial  Mr. Geo. COWAN writes me that his Cigarette is now going on all right, and hopes to see her run well in the Cup next week.  Cigarette, it will be remembered, ran a real good course with Donald last year, and this season was beaten by Hematite, after being fearfully hard run at Lurgan in the final course of the Brownlow Cup.  Should she be well on Wednesday next, Cigarette will have a strong band of followers  Mr. DARLINSON will depend upon Dark Rustic, who has won a good home trial.  Mr. DEIGHTON'S nomination is now held by Mr. BALSHAW, who has nothing better than Bother, the dog who won the Bickerstaffe Cup in a clever manner last March, and this season won three courses in the Curwen  Cup, when Guinea Gold beat him.  I am afraid he will not be found good enough for a stake like this.  Mr. DOUGLAS, the fortunate winner last year with Donald, is again the hope of Ireland, and runs a sterling good greyhound in Hornpipe, who was second at Brigg to Conster, and those present at that meeting say that he would have won had he not tripped twice when in possession of his hare.  Hornpipe will be a much improved dog next week, and won a rattling trial last week.  All I can say is that the whole of the Irish people are quite sanguine that Hornpipe will carry the Cup to Ireland for the third time in succession.  Mr. W. J. DUNBAR relies upon Mr. J. TAYLOR'S Queen Sybil, a fair, good performer across the water, who is in good trim just now.  Mr. DUNN, after seeing as short a price as 20 to 1, has now returned to the forlorn price of 100 to 1 offered, which would make it appear that neither his Defiance nor British Queen are in any kind of form.  Mr. EDE runs Mr. MILLER'S Mariner, a good performer in the south of England.
 Capt. ELLIS has a good string of six puppies by Reigning Monarch, out of Essay.  After several trials he has found that Edict is the best one, who, though not a flyer, is wonderfully clever at her turns.  She ran cleverly through a 103 puppy stake at Coquetdale last October, and might put out a few of the cracks by her cleverness.  Mr. M. FLETCHER has nothing better than his recent purchase Frenzy (late Corporal DODD), who, from his recent running, would make it appear that his winning of the Curwen Cup at Workington was a complete fluke, and he cannot have a 1000 to 1 chance of winning this cup. It has been decided for weeks that Colonel Goodlake's one is to be Conster, the winner at Brigg, and a lot of money has been entrusted to the nomination in consequence; but whether Conster will be good enough to repeat the Meg coup I could not say.  The Earl of Haddington intends to rely on Hawkseye, a third season bitch, who, if only in the humour to do her best, will beat more than beats her.  The Duke of Hamilton, who has a nomination for the first time, runs High Gillespie, by Hawkshaw Pate, a puppy who has beaten all in the kennel at home, including Huron.  High Gillespie won a stake at the Newmarket local meeting; but I should think he is not at all up to Waterloo form.  Mr. HARRIES, when having a trial last week, was unfortunate enough to lose Henry, as he broke his neck.  What he will depend upon I don't know.  Colonel HATHORNE, since he engaged Darius, has been backed for a lot of money; not having seen the dog I cannot say anything about him, but I am informed that he is a rare good greyhound, and can take his own part in any company.  Mr. HAYWOOD declared at the Ridgway Club Meeting that Bondeletia was a far better one than Revalanta, who divided a stake, and intends the former for his Cup nomination.  In fact, he went so far as to say that he should be in a better position next Friday than he was with either Phebe and Royal Seal.  If such is to be the case, he must be returned the winner, as both were second in seasons gone by.  There cannot be a doubt but that Mr. HAYWOOD is as good a judge of what is wanted for Waterloo as any one, and his expressed opinion is always entitled to respect.  Mr. T. E. HEARN is to be represented by Mr. L. FLETCHER'S  Controversy, by Hawkshaw Pate, out of Lady Logan.  He first came out at Stranraer as Lord Beaconsfield, where he ran a fair good dog in the Members' Stake.  His next appearance was at Longtown, when he led and beat Liberator in a hollow fashion  in the first round of the Netherby Cup.  Mr. FLETCHER then gave 120l for him, and drew him out of the stake.  He journeyed on to Newmarket, won two courses in the Champion Puppy Stake, when he went amiss and was drawn.  His next appearance was at Thornhill, where he divided the Buccleuch Cup with Fairy Glen.  Controversy is a game, resolute greyhound, but not what might be termed a fast one.  Mr. Home PURVIS, not having one of his own good enough, runs the second string of Mr. MILLER, which will be Master Ben, who has recently been beaten in a trial by Mariner.
Mr. HORNBY, the hon. sec., gave his favourite, Hematite, a trial on Friday with Haddo, when the Brownlow Cup winner led up and ran a good course, winding up with a fine kill, scarcely allowing Haddo to score once.  Mr HORNBY was well pleased with the result, and has great hopes of being hailed the winner on the 23rd.  Dyzagra ran so well at the Ridgway Club Meeting, where he was only beaten by Beardwood in the final for the Clifton Cup, that Mr. HUTTON has determined to give him another try in the great event.  Mr. J. HYSLOP runs Mr. William KENNEDY'S black dog Kenneth, by Tyrant out of Maidstone, who, in a trial, lately led Keepsake four lengths, and did not let her have a point.  "The Laird" is confident that Kennetia will do as well for him as Canaradzo did in 1860.  Mr. R. HYSLOP will run the best in either Bondsman or Kilkenny.  The latter is the best one, but is continually laming herself whenever she is slipped.  During the Corrie Tenants' Meeting Mr. JARDINE had eight out at exercise, and I was pleased to see the great improvement Creole had made since she divided the Croxteth Stakes at Altcar.  Lucetta, May Morn, Bonnie Morn, and Inspector were amongst the lot.  Mr. JARDINE is almost sure to run Creole for himself, while one of the others may be wanted for the nomination of Mr. G. B. IRVING, who has nothing of his own good enough.  There was a great rush to back Mr. LANG when it was hinted he would run Master Sam, but it appears after all that it was not until he had run all his own through, and found they were not good enough, that he settled to run Mr. SAND'S dog.  That the winner of the Scarisbrick Cup is a good one no one will doubt, and, another thing, he is a great public fancy, but whether good enough to win remains to be proved.  Mr. Legh, of Lobelia fames, has nothing better than Lantern to depend upon, a dog that can scarcely be called a Waterlooer.  Mr. LAWTON, as announced three weeks ago, runs Mr. Whitfield's Banker, and the nomination has been backed for heaps of money.  That Banker is expected to run well in this stake may be gathered from the fact of his having won a grand trial on Friday last, when he sent all his friends home rejoicing.  I am only afraid that he will overrun his hares, and that something much slower, but equally as clever, will outwork him, by the manner in which the hares were going at the Altcar Club Meeting last month.  Mr. MARFLEET has a grand greyhound in Myosotis, who won all his courses very cleverly in the Members' Cup over this ground, and was only beaten by sheer bad luck in the final by Beeswing.  The takers of the present price about Myosotis will have a deal the best of it before the final course is run off on Friday.  Viscount Molyneux is another of the returned names, and is now held by Mr. MAHTER of Southport, who has nothing better than Madam.  From what I saw of her in two byes that she ran at Altcar, she has as much chance of winning the Waterloo Cup as a terrier would have.  Mr. F. NICHOLSON runs Mr. J. PORTLE'S Gallant Foe, who in 1874 won the Plate for Captain ELLIS; so the old lady must be a long way past her best days.
Mr. D. J. PATERSON relies on Alice Mary, by Pleasant Boy, out of Nancy.  She won the Workington Hall Stakes, and the, three days after, won three courses in the Corrie Cup.  Since then she had a rest, and is all the better for it' they say about Annan that if anything upsets the favourites it will be Alice Mary.  Mr. R. PATERSON probably runs on of Mr. W. JOHNSTONE'S kennel -- either Joel or June Flower.  Mr. PILKINGTON has a good, useful greyhound in Pic-Nic, who is not one of the fastest, but is as clever as a "cat with a mouse."  Mr. REED'S nomination is now held by Mr. ROWLANDSON of Kirkby Stephen, who will run real Money, by Cashier, out of Canzonette.  She was tried with Change twelve days ago, and Change won;  still Mr. ROLANDSON is not satisfied, and says the sister to Coupland Lass will beat Mr. CARRUTHER'S representative should they meet in the Cup.  Dr. RICHARDSON'S Midnight has improved so much during the winter months that he has determined to give him another try in this year's Waterloo.  The name of Mr. SALTER, like Mr. BROCKLEBANK, has been a prominent favourite ever since the betting began and I understand his Squatter is as fit and well as hands can make him; though a very fast dog I cannot stand him to win this year, as I think he will, like Banker, overrun his game, and then it will be all over with him.  The noble Earl of Sefton has this year departed from his usual rule of running one of his own kennel, and relies on the second string of Mr. BROCKLEBANK'S kennel, said to be Beeswing, who has been so recently out that all coursers must be familiar with her form.  Mr. W. SMITH, who holds a nomination for the first time, vice Mr. MORGAN, deceased, will run Scrag, a very useful puppy, who has only been out four times, when she was second once, divided twice, and won once; so she should run well over the flats at Altcar.  Mr. T. C. SMITH, as last year, runs one of Mr. FISKE'S, that is, Fair Nita, about whom I know nothing.  The Earl of Stair has only Sanpan and Sculptor to choose from for his Waterloo nomination, and neither of them went very well over the ground last month.  Mr. H. F. STOCKEN is quite content to rely upon a dark puppy that has not been in public, by Magnaus out of Musidora.  The running of Sour Grapes (late Mullet) last month so pleased Mr. STONE that he will let him do battle for him again next week.  Myosotis beat Sour Grapes in the last three of the Members' Cup.  Mr. SWINBURNE, after a lot of trials, has decided to depend upon Seraphis, the winner of the Derrymacash Stakes at Lurgan, who had for the runner up Mr. W. SMITH'S Scrag.  Mr. J. TREVOR has nothing better than Thankful, who is only a fair second-rate greyhound at the best.  Mr. VYNER has gone a long way back in the betting;  but whether there is anything amiss with his Champion, Paul Jones, has not transpired; but it looks as if all was not right with the divider of the Newmarket champion puppy stakes.
 Mr. WILKIN having purchased Coomassie, will run him in his own nomination, and it has been backed from extreme outside prices down to 33 to 1.  The co-divider with Paul JONES is quite well, and no doubt will give a good account of himself during next week.  Mr. WILKINSON has not decided which shall go for him, but it will be either High Sound or High Notions.  Mr. WISE will again run Flageolet; and may he do better than he did on the last anniversary, when he was one of the inglorious sixteen.  They back Mr. WOOD as if they had secured something good, but what it is I do not know at the time of writing.  This brings me to the end of the list, and nothing now remains but to make a selection.  The four best (should they be drawn apart on Tuesday night next) to stand upon are the following: -- Mr. BRIGGS (Braw Lass),  Mr. BROCKLEBANK (Barabas),  Mr. MARFLEET (Myosotis),  and Mr. DOUGLAS (with Hornpipe).
        P.S. -- Since writing the above I have had a message from Mr. R. PATERSON, in which he says he runs Beardwood.  So, perhaps, after all, his backers will have a better run for their money than they would have had with either Joel or June Flower.  The recent running of Mr. BRIGGS' favourite brindled need not be here recapitulated, as they are so well known to all coursing readers.
        Appended is the latest betting on the Waterloo Cup: --
  100 to   7 agst Mr. SALTER -- tk
  100 to   6 agst Mr. BROCKLEBANK -- tk
  100 to   6 agst Mr. LANG -- tk
    16 to   1 agst Mr. BRIGGS -- tk
    25 to   1 agst Earl SEFTON -- tk
    25 to   1 agst Mr. HORNBY -- tk
    28 to   1 agst Col. GOODLAKE -- tk
    28 to   1 agst Mr. DOUGLAS -- tk
    33 to   1 agst Mr. COWAN -- tk
    33 to   1 agst Mr. WILKIN -- tk
3000 to 60 agst Mr. WOOLL - tk
    50 to   1 agst Mr. R. PATERSON -- tk
    50 to   1 agst Mr. COLMAN -- tk
    50 to   1 agst Mr. PILKINGTON -- tk
    66 to   1 agst Mr. DUNBAR -- tk
    66 to   1 agst Mr. WISE -- tk
1000 to 15 agst Mr. D. J. PATERSON -- tk
    66 to   1 agst Mr. REED -- tk
    66 to   1 agst Mr. BRISCO -- tk
  100 to   1 agst Mr. DUNN -- tk