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Saturday 26 Jun 1841   (p. 3, col. 8)



On the 14th inst., at Greystoke, the Lady of W. H. DOWSON, Esq. of a Son.



At St. Cuthbert's Church, in this city, on Wednesday, the 23rd instant, by the Rev. William GRAHAM, the Rev. Francis WILSON, Incumbent of Armitage, Staffordshire, to Elizabeth, fourth daughter of the late Rev. F. GRAHAM, of Arthuret, in this county.

At St. Mary's, on the 20th inst., Mr. Isaac GREENAP [GREENOP in GRO index] to Miss Jane CADDLE; and on the 21st, Mr. John LITTLE to Miss Ann BOYD.

At Wigton, on Thursday last, by the Rev. E. BOWMAN, Mr. John IRVING, grocer, of this city, to Ann, only daughter of the late Mr. LAWSON, of Whitrigglees.

At Brampton, on Thursday, the 24th inst., by the Rev. John BAKER, Mr. John HALLIBURTON, currier, to Miss Jane RENNIE.

At Arthuret, on Monday last, Mr. John RUTHERFORD to Miss Mary IRVING, daughter of the late Walter IRVING, painter.

At Bolton Gate, on Monday last, by the Rev. W. WOOD, Richard, eldest son of Mr. Richard HARRISON, of Todcrofts, Caldbeck, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. George IRVING, of Thistlebottom.

At Caldbeck, on the 21st inst., by the Rev. James LYNN, Mr. Richard WHITFIELD, chemist, of this city, to Grace, youngest daughter of Mr. R. HARRISON, of Todcrofts, Caldbeck.

At Plumbland, on Monday, the 14th instant, Mr. W. B. INMAN, of Liverpool, surgeon, to Miss Henrietta LESLIE.

At Crosthwaite, Keswick, lately, Mr. John CLARKE, brewer, to Miss Mary BOWE; Mr. Joseph FISHER, to Miss Isabella HARRISON; Mr. Joseph GLOVER, to Miss Sarah ADDISON.

At Harrington, on Sunday, the 20th instant, Mr. Joseph WILLIAMSON, carpenter, to Miss Barbara ROBINSON.

At Whitehaven, on Sunday, the 20th instant, Mr. William GEDDES, shipwright, to Miss Sarah MAXWELL.

At Alston, on the 24th inst., Mr. John LEE, of How Hill, to Miss Jane KEARTON, of Rice View.



On the 22nd instant, Mr. Richard INGHAM, organist of the Cathedral, Carlisle. The deceased was highly distinguished as a scientific musician, and for his general acquirements and his remarkable conversational powers, will be long remembered by a large circle of friends.

In Finkle Street, on the 20th inst., John FARISH, aged 17 years.

In Scotch Street, on the 21st inst., Mr. Thomas BENNETT, aged 65 years.

In Annetwell Street, on the 22nd inst., Elizabeth ROBINSON, aged 72 years.

In Union Street, on Thursday last, 24th inst., Mr. Henry HILL, stone mason, aged 20 years.

In Castle Street, on the 24th inst., Thomas BOWMAN, aged 17 years.

In Bridge Lane, on the 22nd inst., John ANDERSON, aged 37 years.

In the Gaol, in this city, on Friday last, 18th inst., John GREEN, of Wigton, aged 25 years.

At Tyrrell, near Penrith, lately, Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John SLEE, mathematician, after a protracted illness of nearly forty years.

At Brampton, on the 23rd inst., Betty, wife of Mr. R. DODD, weaver, aged 40 years.

At High Hill, Keswick, on Sunday, the 20th instant, in the 70th year of his age, Mr. John BROMLEY, the celebrated stone cutter.

At Cockermouth, on Saturday, the 19th instant, Miss Mary Ann RAMSAY, aged 26 years; and on Monday, the 22nd, Mr. John M'MULLEN, weaver, advanced in years.

At Lorton, on the 11th instant, Jane, wife of Mr. Stephen MARTIN, auctioneer, aged 77 years.

At Seaton, on Sunday, the 6th instant, the Rev. Joseph PEARSON, curate of Camerton, aged 68 years.

At Egremont, on Saturday last, after a long illness, Ann, the wife of Mr. Thos. NOBLE, shoemaker, aged 35 years; same place, on Friday, John Sharp TAYLOR, son of Mary TAYLOR, aged 6 months.

At Whitehaven, on Thursday week, William John EVANS, aged ten years; same place, John, son of Mr. Joseph HELLON, plaisterer, aged 7 years; in the workhouse, Joseph COCKBAIN, mason, aged 73 years; and at the same place, James KILLEN, aged 64 years; Mrs. Sarah LITTLEDALE, aged 79 years.

At Alston, on the 19th inst., Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John PEART, of Loaning Head, Garrigill, aged 22; on the 21st, Mrs. Mary STEPHENSON, of Noonstones, Garrigill, aged 65.

At Port Royal, Jamaica, on the 18th of April, after a short illness, Mary, wife of Mr. John MITCHELL, of the Royal Artillery, and late of Carlisle, aged 25 years.