On Tuesday the coroner for West Middlesex held an inquiry at Twickenham  as
to the death of Frederic BLANC, a Swiss, aged 60, who was found dead in the  
Thames, off Twickenham, on Sunday morning.

Sophia BLANC said she was a cook in service at Marble...
Attendance orders were made upon the following parents to send their  
children regularly to school:

William DUGGAN


Catherine MILLIGAN

Ann FARLEY, Maryport.
(Before H. FLETCHER, Esq., Chairman, and  R. S. THOMPSON, Esq.)


Two lads, named Isaac GORTON and George DOUGLAS, one about  eight and the
other about ten years of age, were charged with having stolen  coals from the
works of the ...

A Bill has just recently been introduced into the Legislature of the  State
of New York, has been read twice, and referred to the Game Law Committee,  who
have reported favorably thereon.

The new Act is in fact an amendment of a section in the...

The meetings conducted by the working ton Branch of the Blue  Ribbon Army
continue to create widespread interest, and the number of members is  now over

 A working men’s meeting was held on Saturday ev...

Dreadful Thunder Storm

       About midnight on Friday, the 23rd instant, this town was visited by a
most appalling thunderstorm, of several hours duration. During Friday, as
well as throughout the week, the atmosphere had been close and sultry, ...

SENHOUSE. - On the 7th October, 1882, at Hames Hall,  Cockermouth, the wife
of Humphrey P. SENHOUSE, of a son.



M’CULLOCK - SHEEN. - On the 28th October 1882, At St.  Patrick’s Chapel,
Maryport, by the Rev. J. A. WATMORE,...

At this court, on Friday, Mr. R. BELL, draper, Wigton, sued  the London and
North Western Railway Company for £3, damages for delay of the  delivery of
some goods. Mr. LAZONBY was for plaintiff, and Mr. CROPE of London  was for the
Company. A box, co



On the 2nd of July, in the 81st year of her age, Miss. MOORE, Scotch Street.

On the 8th of July, in the 50th year of his age, Mr. Issac HAYTON, actuary of
the Savings Bank, in this town.

On Monday the 12th inst., at the house of her fat...
On Sunday last two excellent sermons were preached in connection  with the
anniversary of the Primitive Methodist Mission, Grasslot, by Miss. Mary  RIDLEY,
of Prospect. The attendance at both services was large.

 On Tuesday the annual tea meeting was he...