No. 132    3d. Week    VOL. III    4th Quarter     Price Three-pence

Where Moderation dwells, the Soul admits Distinct Ideas, and Matur'd Debate; an Eye Impartial, and an Even Scale................Hence Wisdom found, and unrepenting Choice

This Paper m...

The noble old Church of Kirkby Stephen - Cathedral-like in its proportions, design, and arrangments - was on Tuesday last (the Feast of the Epiphany) solemnly rededicated to the service of God.
Few parish churc

A "PETTICOAT SOLDIER"  --  On Monday, at the Glasgow Central Police-court, ELLEN BROWN, a strapping young woman, residing in New Vennel, was charged with dressing herself in a soldier's uniform on Sunday, and parading the New Vennel, causing thereby ...

After a long interregnum, the members of the Penrith Farmers' Club met on Tuesday in their room to hear a lecture by MR. LANCASTER, of Catterlen Hall, on "Our Farming Prospects".  MR. W. HESKETT presided, and there was a fair attendance of members. 

Joseph ISMAY, Thomas COVERLEY, Jonathan POOL and John ISMAY, four men  
residing at Camerton, were charged with having stolen a duck, the property of  
Wilfrid HARRIS, miner of Camerton, on Friday night last.

There was a second charge against the prison...
At the resumed Miner’s Conference at Manchester on Saturday, the  question of
restricting the output of coal was considered. What conclusion was  arrived
at it is not deemed prudent to state, but a National Conference is to be  held
in Leeds on the 5th ...
Cumberland Ship Building

       Mr. LAMPORT, the eminent ship-builder of Workington, is now about
engaging to build two splendid vessels at his yard in that town, one of 1,200
tons, and the other 1,000 tons burden. Messers PEILE, SCOTT & Co., of t...

 The following is said to have been copied literally from an old tombstone in Scotland:
"Here lies the body of ALEXANDER MACPHERSON,
Who was a very extraordinary person,
Who was two yards high in his stocking feet.
And kept h


A meeting of Mr. SPARKS creditors was held at the Trevelyan  Hotel,
Darlington, on Saturday morning.

 Mr. Charles F. TAYLOR, of Preston, solicitor to the liquidator of the  
Lancashire and Yorkshire Loan and Discount C...
    Some of the most difficult and  dangerous work has been executed in the
narrow lanes and streets. The old houses  in Coupland were in danger of being
let down when the deep sewer was cut, and  many people thought it would have
been a good way of mak...