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TO be LET, by Private Contract, and for such Term of Years as Parties can be
agreed upon, and entered upon at Candlemas next 1820,-

1st. WELLINGTON FARM, near Brayton, in the parish of Aspatria, containing
168 Acres of Arable and Meadow Land, (he the same more or less) well watered
and fenced. "There are 8 ½ Acres of Turnips on the Farm, and 16 Acres of
Fallow, well limed, and will be well manured for Wheat

2nd. LEESBRIGG FARM in the Parish of Allhallows, containing 77 Acres of most
excellent Wheat Land, together with 77 Acres of unimproved Ground, well
Ring-fenced and watered, and near to the above Farm and Premises.

3rd. BAGGROW FARM, in the Parish of Allhallows, containing 25 Acres of very
excellent Grass Land together with 124 Acres of Common Ground, well
Ring-fenced, and near to the above Farm and Premises.

There are excellent. Buildings upon all the Premises, and they are within
Three Miles of Coal and Lime.

Mr John Norman, of Brayton, will shew Wellington and Baggrow Farms and will
produce Conditions of Letting; and WILLIAM BATEY, the present Farmer, will
shew Leesrigg Farm and Premises