The beautiful new ship, Perserverance, which sailed from hence on
Tuesday last, arrived safe in Liverpool dock, on Wednesday, after a fine passage of
twenty-four hours.

       The Santon, GAITSKELL, from St. Petersburgh, at this port on Tuesday

       The Two Brothers, CARSON, from Do. at Do. on Friday last.

       The George, HARRIS, sailed from hence this morning, for the Western

       The Brig, Cossack, of this port, at Liverpool, from Manchester.

       The Scipio, MADDERS, of this port, at Quebec from Newry, with
passengers, the 27th September.

       The Waller, HANNAH, of this port, from Liverpool to Quebec, was spoke
the 20th September, by the Caledonia, from Miramichi.

       The Catharine, HEPBURN, American Schooner, at New York, from this
port, the 23rd September.

       The Prince Leopold. LARMOUR, from St. John's, N. B. for Belfast, off

       The William Piele, DITCHBURN,  of Harrington, from Para, (last from
Milford) at Liverpool.

       The William Wise, WINDER, from St. John's, N. B. for Liverpool, sailed
on 1st October with the Diadem, for that port, and Elizabeth, for Dublin.

       The Jane, JACKSON, of Saunderland, was driven on shore at Marsk,
Stockton, 21st ult.

       The William Delano, of Liverpool, has been seized at Smyrna by the
Chartered brig Frederick, Lieut. HOBSON, of suspicion of having plundered and
attempted to scuttle the Helen, Cornish, from Liverpool to Genoa and Leghorn, the
William was carried into Malta 3rd ult. and the Master and crew were to take
their trial on the 25th ult.

       The Britannia, PRATT, from Aberdeen to London, is totally lost off
Stockton, and all on Board drowned.

       The Alert, YOUNG, of Feversham, bound to Newcastle, was driven on
shore upon Orford Beach, on Friday morning, and it was feared would be wrecked.

       The Jennies and Margaret, of Glasgow, from Liverpool is lost on the
Dutchman, near Beaumaris Bank. Crew saved.

       The Aid, BLACK, of Peterhead, was wrecked off  that harbour about the
28th ult. Part of the cargo saved.

       The Adonis, ATKINS, of Liverpool, from the Baltic, was totally lost
near Fraserburgh, 24th ult. Crew drowned. Part of the cargo saved.

       A brig, coal laden, from Irvine, struck on the North Bull, Dublin, on
Saturday, and sunk in the sand, during a violent gale at N. E.

       The Traveller, - from Liverpool to Killala, struck on the rocks at
Rutland. Vessel and Cargo damaged.