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       Justitia has been misinformed. - The Earl of Lonsdale's  Coal Pits are
in Preston Quarter, and not in the Township of Whitehaven, and consequently
cannot be rated to the latter district. It happens very unfortunately that the
pits are not in the Township of Whitehaven, as a great number of the persons
who are employed in them live in Whitehaven, and the families of such persons
must, from different causes, frequently become burthensome to the Township.
>From the best information we have been able to procure, we are induced to believe
that the Earl of Lonsdale is not rated in respect of his Coal pits even in
Preston Quarter, where they are situated. Unable to guess the reason of this, it
being clear that his Lordship ought to be rated, we recommend Justitia to
inquire what sort of persons have been elected (and how, elected or appointed)
Overseers of Preston Quarters, for some years past.

       We frequently meet with circumstances among the "exclusively loyal"
equally puzzling. As to the Castle, we know not how, nor where it is rated; but
we understand that the Overseers of this Township have got to the end of their

       Judging the intentions of his Majesty's Ministers from what has been
recently published in the Newspapers devoted to their interest, we were about
writing a few observations on the measures which they will probably submit to
the immediate consideration of Parliament, when we received a note from a
correspondent enclosing strictures on a letter signed TENAX, which appeared a few
days ago in the "Sun." This communication has, in a great degree, anticipated
our own sentiments; and we consider it important, because we know it expresses
the opinions of many most respectable gentlemen of this town, who have
hitherto disinterestedly and conscientiously supported the measures of Government: -
we regret that circumstances compel us to postpone this insertion till next
week; but, in the mean time, we shall not weaken its effect by needlessly
commenting on the topics on which it so ably dilates.

D shall be attended to.
TYRO is under consideration.

*** Several articles prepared for publication are unavoidably postponed.