Sir. - I have observed in the Newspapers lately, an advertisement of the
Fourth Series of "Tales of my Landlord." That the public may not be taken in to
suppose this work a production of the Author of "Tales of my Landlord" in three
series; the first, containing the Black Dwarf and Old Mortality; the second,
the Heart of Mid Lothian; and the third, the Bride of Lammermoor, and a Legend
of Montrose; I who have transacted  betwixt the Publisher and the Author of
these books, as agent, do, on my certain knowledge, assure you and the public
that this author has no concern whatever with the catch-penny publication,
announced as above; and although I have not his express authority for saying so, I
am morally assured he will at no future period send any further work to  the
public under the title of "Tales of my Landlord." The copyright  of the "Tales
of my Landlord" in 12 vols. has been purchased by, and is now the property of,
Messrs CONSTABLE & Co. who are taking legal measures to interdict the
publication of this spurious work under their title, and to punish those concerned in
it when they shall be discovered.

                 I am, Sir, your obedient servant,
                           John BALLANTYNE

Hanover Street, Edinburgh, Oct. 22



Sir. - That you are the purchaser and publisher of the first, second and
third series of the "Tales of my Landlord," nobody questions. I am also the
purchaser and publisher of the fourth series. If, by the author you mean, Jedediah
CLEISHBOTHAM, I think, (to say the least of it) you presume too much, when,
without having read a line of the fourth series you pronounce it "spurious." The
fourth series, collected and arranged by Jedediah CLEISHBOTHAM, is no more
spurious than the first, second or third. It is for the public to judge of that
when they see the work, and certainly not for you, who have never seen it. That
Jedediah will prosecute Jedediah, because Jedediah's stores have happily
furnished a fourth series, is as little to be believed as feared.

                         I have the honour to be, Sir
                           Your most obedient humble Servant,
                                  William FEARMAN.

170, New Bond-Street, London