At the Court of Requests at Holbeach, on 27th Sept. R. BAMFORD, a
surgeon and apothecary at Moulton, was summoned at the suit of William WILLDERS, a
publican at Whaplode, for a debt of 14s  6d. One item of the debt was for 10
glasses of grog, amounting to 5s. The defendant did not deny the correctness
of the charge, but insisted upon the benefit of the Act of 24th Geo. II. cap.
40  s  12. which enacts, "That after the first July, 1751, no persons
whatsoever shall be entitled unto, or maintain any cause, action, suit for, or recover,
either in law or equity, any sum or sums of money, debt or demands
whatsoever, for or on account of any spirituous liquors; unless such debt shall have
been really and bona fide contracted at one time to the amount of twenty
shillings or upwards; nor shall any particular article or item in any account or
demand for distilled spirituous liquors be allowed or maintained, where the liquors
delivered at one time, and mentioned in such article or item, shall not
amount to the full value of twenty shillings at the least, and that without fraud
or coven."

       The Commissioners expostulated with the defendant upon his plea, but
he declared his determination  to take advantage of the statute; and the
Commissioners, on the authority of the cas of SCOTT v. GILMORE, 3rd. Raunton's
Reports in Mich. Term, 51st Geo III, which decides  that this Act extends to
spirits mixed with water, were obliged to strike out the objected item from the
plaintiff's demand.