The advices received from Port Jackson, by the foxhound, to the 13th of June,
contain information very important to the interests of this advancing

We sometime since announced, that a passage had been effected across the Blue
Mountains, and that a most desirable country had been discovered to the west
of those towering heights; and we have now the additional gratification of
stating, that a communication has been opened to it of easy access, running
through lands of the first description.

The colonists are indebted for this acquisition to their resources to the
exertions of C. THORSBYEsq., large land and stockholder, many years resident of
New South Wales, who, after two preceding attempts, succeeded in May last, with
the assistance of two native guides, Coockoogonn, Chief of the Burrahburrah
Tribe, and Dual, in passing from the cow pastures direct for Bathurst, having
encountered only those difficulties inseparably attendant on the first
explorers of the forest of a new country.

Mr. THORSBY was on the whole occupied fifteen days on the expedition, his
progress being protracted from some of his party falling ill, and bad weather;
but by the delay he had greater opportunity of examining the country on each
side of his route;  and in his letter to the gentleman from whom we have the
information, he says, "I have no hesitation in stating, we have a country fit for
every and any purpose, where fine  woolled sheep may be increased to any
amount, in a climate particularly congenial to them. Ere long ago you would hear of
a route being continued to the Southward as far as Twofold Bay, and so on
further in succession through a country as much more beautiful and superior to
the Cow Pastures, as that now enviable district is, to the land contiguous to
Sydney, and where our herds, our flocks and our cultivation may unlimitedly
increase at a inconsiderable distance from the great and grand essential to a
young colony, water-carriage.

The following extract of a General Order from the Governor on the occasion
will evince his Excellency's estimation of importance of Mr. THORSBY's
exertions: -

G and G. O.
Government House, Sydney, May 31, 1819.

       His Excellency, the Governor having received and perused the Journal
of a Tour lately made by Charles THORSBY, Esq. by the way of the Cow Pastures
to Bathurst, in the newly discovered country westward of the Blue Mountains,
takes this early opportunity publicly to announce the happy result of an
enterprise which promises to conduce in a very eminent degree to the future interest
and prosperity of the colony.

       The communication with the Western Country having been heretofore over
a long and difficult range of mountains, alike ungenial to man and cattle,
from their parched and barren state, it became an object of great importance to
discover  another route, whereby those almost insurmountable barriers would be
avoided, and a more practicable, and consequently less hazardous, access
effected to the rich and extensive plains of Bathurst.

       His Excellency adverts with pleasure to Mr. THORSBY's general report
of capabilities, qualities and features of the country intervening between the
Cow Pastures and Bathurst, which he represents to be, with a few exceptions,
rich, fertile and luxuriant; abounding with the runs of water, and all the
happy varieties of soil, hill and valley, to render it not only delightful to
view, but highly suitable to all purposes of pasturage and agriculture.

       The importance of these discoveries is enhanced by the consideration
that a contiguous range of valuable country, extending from the Cow Pastures to
the remote plains of Bathurst, is now fully ascertained, connecting those
countries with present settlements on this side of Nepean.

       His Excellency, the governor, highly appreciating Mr. THORSBY's
services on this occasion offers him this public tribute of acknowledgment for the
zeal and perseverance by which he actuated throughout that arduous undertaking;
and desires his acceptance of one thousand acres of land in any part of the
country discovered himself that he may choose to select.

                           By command of his Excellency
                         (signed) J. T. CAMPBELL, Secretary

       By the Shipley, that had sailed on the 1st of April, but has not yet
arrived, between two and three hundred troops were sent home, which has left
the colony with a force of only five hundred men for its protection. All the
benevolent institutions, especially the Orphan School, founded by the excellent
lady of their former Governor, Captain KING, are producing the best effects on
the rising generation.