Quarterly Tea Sale at the East-India House
                     Genuine Tea
            23, Ludgate- Hill, London
Established for the Avowed purpose of selling the
                East India Company's

Pure and unadulterated, without mixture with Bohea. -
which trash is so constantly used to lower those Teas
         sent into the country particularly.

Boheas continue to fall, owing to exertions of the London Genuine Tea
Company, who still pledge themselves never to purchase it under any circumstances

Fine Teas are advanced; - but there will be no perceivable difference to the

Best Teas for Your Family Use this quarter are those at 7s and 8s both Black
and Green.

The agents have also a good black tea, at 6s, and 6s. 6d. and a good green at
6s. 6d. all of which will give great satisfaction.

The Establishment has extended itself beyond all precedent, and some
interesting details will shortly be laid before the public. Nearly five Hundred
Company Agents are already appointed, in all which towns the Company's Teas are
decidedly preferred, and universally allowed to be not only most superior in
strength and flavour, but the cheapest Teas that can be at the prices, there being
an unquestionable Saving of one Shilling per pound to every family purchasing
as under, arising from the great extent of the Company's purchases, and the
very small pur centage received by themselves and the agents.

The following agents in this district have the Teas now on Sale, packed in
lead and sealed, in Pounds, Halves and Quarters.

W. C. HEATLY, Whitehaven

J. PEARSON & Son, Keswick


M. ATKINSON, Carlisle

Miss. RAILTON, Penrith

B. DOWSON, Kendal

R. HUDSON, Appleby

E. HUMBLE, Newcastle

H. D. BELL, Hexham

W. DAVIDSON, Alnwick

R. PEARSON, Langmarton

E. ARMSTRONG, Tweedmouth

Applications for agency in other towns immediately answered, if post paid.