Our readers will learn with surprise and no doubt indignation, the
disingenuous manner in which Mr. STOKOE, naval surgeon on board the  Admiral's
flagship, at St. Helena, has been treated. They will recollect that, on the
return of Mr. O'MEARA to England, this most respectable naval surgeon was directed
to go to Longwood, to attend on BONAPARTE, who was much indisposed. He did
so; but he, like his predecessor, incurred the displeasure of Sir Hudson LOWE -
and he had his option of retiring on half-pay, or of taking his trial, by
Court Martial, in St. Helena on charges of having exceeded his commission, by
writing bulletins of  the Ex-Emperor's state of Health. He preferred the former,
and returned to England - where; on his arrival, he was received in the most
gracious manner at the Admiralty, and, in a few days, received an order to
return to his station on board the flag ship., with which he forthwith complied, in
a full persuasion that it was the mark of satisfaction of the Lords of the
Admiralty with his conduct, and a reproof to Sir Hudson LOWE for the treatment
he had shown him.

       No sooner, however, had he arrived at St. Helena, than he was told
that a Court Martial was to be assembled to try him on several charges, preferred
against him by the Lords Commissioner's of the Admiralty, relative with his
conduct, during his attendance on General BONAPARTE!

       They are such as would, in any other case and situation be considered
frivolous and vexatious - but coming from so high an authority, and supported
by the local influence of his enemy, he can have very little hopes of relief.
He requested, among others, that Counts BERTRAND and MONTHOLON might be
summoned to attend as witnesses on his behalf, the only persons by whom he could
refute the principal charges against him, but he was told that there were legal
objections to their appearance. The secrecy also, which their Lordships thought
proper to observe, with respect to their design is sending him back to St.
Helena, to rejoin his ship deprives him of the benefit of all original documents
of official correspondence, he having left them in England, as well as
testimonials of character, which after twenty years of approved service, he had
received from every commander under whom he had sailed.

       The system of terror so powerfully  operates in St. Helena, that a
military officer declined giving surgeon STOKOE his countenance and assistance,
during the trial, on the plea of ill health; and a writer in the Admiral's
office begged he would excuse him from attending to take notes, for fear of
incurring displeasure!

       The trial was to come on the day after our despatch was dated, which
was 29th August, last. We are sure that the above narrative requires no

             - Morning Chronicle.